About Us

SABANews seeks to enhance credibility and professionalism of public service broadcasting organisations in the SADC. As a radio news exchange system, SABANews also aims to broaden the knowledge of listeners on:

  • Events in the region and
  • Events elsewhere in Africa and the rest of the world, which have a bearing on the region.


By so doing, SABANews will contribute to:

  • enhancing a sense of regionalism within the SADC;
  • improving South-South flow of information; and
  • making the region’s newsrooms operations more professional.


SABANews also seeks to:

  • Reach the whole region and be accessible to all members of the public
  • Uphold the principles of free speech and expression, as well as of free access to communication
  • Serve the interests of all people, irrespective of political beliefs, culture, race, religion or sex.