LUANDA – UNITED STATES President DONALD TRUMP has commended ANGOLAN Head of State JOÃO LOURENÇO for his reforms and the fight against corruption in the SADC country.

US President Donald Trump (Pic. EuroNews)

The AMERICAN Presidential Special Assistant and Senior Director for AFRICAN Affairs in the National Security Council has delivered the WHITE House communication.

CYRIL SARTOR conveyed the approval message during a meeting with the ANGOLAN Head of State in the capital, LUANDA.

He says his delegation has come with the spirit of friendship and they recognise the great steps President LOURENCO and the new leadership of ANGOLA have made so far.

Mr SARTO has addressed the media at the Presidential Palace, saying the government efforts show determination to transform the country and fight against corruption and open it to global trade.

Presidential Palace in Luanda (Pic. Angop)

He says ANGOLA is a key country in the new AMERICAN Foreign Policy Strategy for AFRICA and he hopes to strengthen the ties in economic sectors and improve governance.

The UNITED STATES official also says relations between the TWO countries have a strategic focus, which covers what he describes as other issues apart from oil.

The AMERICAN Presidential Special Assistant says he has dealt with regional and international issues with President JOÃO LOURENÇO.

Cyril Sarto (Pic. Angop)

CYRIL SARTOR, described as a master in AFRICAN history with more than 30 years’ experience, was Deputy Director of the Mission of the AMERICAN Intelligence Agency, CIA, in AFRICA.

While the commendation by the UNITED STATES President may be welcome in ANGOLA, critics view the move as a way to ambush the SADC country and swindle it out for its oil and other resources.

The anxiety comes amid accusations against AMERICA, which now fully has its sights on AFRICAN nations, of trying to control the world oil reserves peacefully or violenty.

White House stands accused of training and arming rebel groups in IRAQ, LIBYA, SYRIA, and, of late, VENEZUELA, under the pretext of bringing democracy, the rule of law and human rights to the target nations.

A large AMERICAN military deployment from 2003 to 2011 in IRAQ overthrew the rule of SADDAM HUSSEIN and killed the Head of State after accusing him falsely of having weapons of mass destruction.

The Shorja market in central Baghdad, bustling in early April, was targeted in US attacks in 2007 (Pic. Agencies)

This time, witnesses say IRAQ has begun to slip into anarchy when it used to be a much happier and safer place to live.

The same situation obtains in LIBYA, where there used to be no electricity bill; no interest on loans; with a home seen as a human right; and all newlyweds receiving more than 34-THOUSAND BRITISH pounds to buy their FIRST apartment.

Even education and health care were free; would-be farmers got land, a house, equipment, seeds, and livestock to kick start their farms – all for free; new car owners bought them for HALF the cost, with the government subsidising 50 percent of the price.

The price of petrol in LIBYA was 12 US cents and the country had no external debt, with reserves amounting to some 134-BILLION-246-MILLION-595-THOUSAND US dollars – all of which is now frozen worldwide by AMERICA.

Armed groups roam the streets of Libya day and night nowadays (Pic. Agencies)

Records show the murdered President MUAMMAR GADDAFI constructed the largest irrigation scheme in the world – the Great Manmade River Project, to water the whole desert country.

Just FOUR years, in 2015, after the so-called ARAB Spring protests that became an armed rebellion and killed GADDAFI, LIBYA was torn between TWO governments and scores of militia groups; and things are getting worse.

The so-called SYRIAN Civil War began in 2011 when the UNITED STATES gave rebels of the FREE SYRIAN Army help like food and pickup trucks, before quickly providing training, money, and intelligence to selected rebel commanders.

Research shows there were TWO AMERICAN attempts to assist SYRIAN dissidents: the 2014 PENTAGON scheme to train and equip 15-THOUSAND rebels, which was cancelled a year later after spending 500-MILLION US dollars and producing only a few dozen fighters.

When ‘The World’ interferes in your affairs, this is what happens – This is Syria burning (Pic. The Atlantic)

The CIA also ran a more successful simultaneous covert program of ONE-BILLION US dollars that suffered demolition by RUSSIAN bombing, before the TRUMP Administration cancelled it in mid-2017: and AMERICA is pulling out of SYRIA.

Current media reports say CUBA has denied having troops in VENEZUELA as alleged by the UNITED STATES; which has since openly indicated it wants to impose a puppet regime in the country, even militarily, and is calling on President NICOLAS MADURO to give way.

The reports say President DONALD TRUMP and his officials accuse CUBA of controlling VENEZUELAN security forces and having troops on the ground.

CUBAN Foreign Minister BRUNO RODRIGUEZ has denied the charges and described them as a slander; saying all of the 20-THOUSAND CUBANS in VENEZUELA are mostly civilian health professionals.

He says there is a big political and propaganda campaign going on, which is what AMERICA always does ahead of military action against governments that defy its orders.

The TRUMP Administration is trying to force VENEZUELAN President MADURO to step down and hand over power to the Head of the National Assembly, JUAN GUAIDO; but critics say AMERICA cares not for the domestic politics except for oil.

ANGOLA is the SECOND largest oil producing country in Sub-SAHARAN AFRICA and an OPEC member, with output of about ONE-POINT-55-MILLION barrels of oil per day and about 18-MILLION cubic feet of natural gas production.

CYRIL SARTOR says the UNITED STATES will include ANGOLA among AFRICAN countries like NIGERIA and KENYA to benefit from financing and technical support to boost their economic activities.

However, there is wide speculation that the AMERICAN Government is systematically selecting THIRD WORLD countries to exploit for oil through a variety of means like financial aid or military intervention./Sabanews/cam



Traditional leaders play vital roles in Angolan communites (Pic. New Era)

LUANDA – A Cabinet member in ANGOLA has described traditional authorities as instutions that play an important role in the resolution of social problems in communities.

Culture Minister CAROLINA CERQUEIRA has made the remarks in the south-western region of CUANDO CUBANGO, saying chiefs are the bond between the people and the government.

National news agency, ANGOP says she has met with the King of the CUCHI Region, CARLOS KANGANDZI MUKUVA FIVE, ONE of the authorities in CUANDO CUBANGO.

Minister CAROLINA CERQUEIRA says traditional leaders work as messengers reporting the concerns of communities and offering the best ways to sort out such difficulties.

King CARLOS KANGANDZI MUKUVA FIVE has requested the Minister to intervene essentially for the improvement of the education and health sectors in the region.

Researchers say ANGOLA has more than 100 separate ethnic groups and languages or dialects.

They say while PORTUGUESE is the official language, for many black nationals in the SADC country it is a SECOND or even THIRD language.

There are THREE dominant ethnic groups, the OVIMBUNDU, MBUNDU, or AMBUNDU, who speak KIMBUNDU, and the BAKONGO.

ANGOLA further has small numbers of MESTICO, who are of mixed AFRICAN and EUROPEAN descent, as well as ethnic white EUROPEANS; and the State considers traditional leaders very vital./Sabanews/cam



Chevron is Angola’s largest foreign oil industry employer, with more than 89 percent of the workforce in the country being Angolan (Pic. Chevron)

LUANDA – ANGOLA has earned more than ONE-BILLION-59-MILLIONS-273-THOUSAND US dollars from oil exports in MAY this year.

National news agency, ANGOP says the SADC country managed to sell 49-MILLION-800-THOUSAND barrels of crude on the global market.

It quotes a report from the Ministry of Finance on revenues generated by oil production as saying the oil was fetching an average price of 68 US dollars 90 cents per barrel.

ANGOP says compared to the same period last year, there has been a substantial increase in both oil revenues and exports.

It also says with the country collected some 124-POINT-NINE-BILLION kwanzas from the sale of 47-MILLION barrels of crude at an average price of about 50 US dollars 95 cents per barrel.

The news agency says in APRIL this year, the State earned 233-POINT-SEVEN-BILLION kwanzas after exporting of 46-MILLION barrels, at an average price of 65 US dollars 50 cents per barrel.

The government has also collected taxes on oil income, oil production, and oil transactions from 13 operators in the country.

ANGOLA is said to be the THIRD-largest trading partner of the UNITED STATES in Sub-SAHARAN AFRICA, largely because of its petroleum exports.

Records show AMERICA imports SEVEN percent of its oil from ANGOLA, about THREE times as much as it imported from KUWAIT just prior to the GULF WAR in 1991./Sabanews/cam



Tree felling threatens to create deserts across SADC and rest of Africa (Pic. Agencies)

LUANDA – Environment Minister PAULA FRANCISCO of ANGOLA says her government will continue to fighting illegal trade of wild fauna and flora to preserve the ecological diversity.

She has made the pledge during the occasion to celebrate the International Day of Biological Diversity.

Minister FRANCISCO says joint efforts by different organs for protection and preservation of species depends on the support and actions of international and national programs.

She says the preservation of the large and rich biodiversity is even more needed, and every citizen should be a protector of the national flora and fauna varieties.

Minister FRANCISCO has also emphasised the importance of the Environment Crimes Unit, urging the civil society to condemn illegal activities.

She says community groups have means that enable a progressive and consistent fight against poaching as well as illegal trade of animals to stop the decline of different species in urban zones.

Experts say rampant cutting down of trees in response to global timber demands, resulting in soil erosion, desertification, siltation of rivers and dams, and the loss of biodiversity, are some of the major environmental issues facing ANGOLA today./Sabanews/cam



Gaza strip conflict continues (Pic. Daily Mail)

LUANDA – ANGOLA has strongly condemned the aggression of ISRAELI forces against PALESTINIANS, calling on the parties involved to exercise restraint and resume dialogue.

The JOAO LOURENCO Government has made the remarks in a statement issued through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

National news agency, ANGOP, quotes officials as saying ANGOLA has been following up with great concern the latest developments in the PALESTINIAN territory.

They say the violent situation in the MIDDLE EAST undermines world efforts to ensure talks based on UN resolutions establishing the existence of TWO states as the fair and lasting solution.

The ANGOLAN call comes as ISRAEL and PALESTINE enter a new stage in the conflict, worsened by transfer of the UNITED STATES Embassy from TEL AVIV to JERUSALEM.

JERUSALEM, which PALESTINE claims to be its own capital, is a city described as crucial to political stability in the MIDDLE EAST.

Some 55 PALESTINIANS have been killed and about THREE-THOUSAND others injured as clashes turned deadly and more violent after the opening of the AMERICAN Embassy in JERUSALEM.

FRANCE, BRITAIN, SOUTH AFRICA, TURKEY, and recently ANGOLA, have called on ISRAEL to exercise restraint, but President BENJAMIN NETANYAHU blames HAMAS for the situation.

Political experts say HAMAS is a PALESTINIAN SUNNI-ISLAMIST fundamentalist group that has a social service wing, the DAWAH, and a military wing, the IZZ AD-DIN AL-QASSAM Brigades.

Meanwhile, the SOUTHERN AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT COMMUNITY, SADC has strongly condemned the killing of PALESTINIANS in GAZA by ISRAELI armed forces.

SADC Executive Secretary STERGOMENA TAX has posted a TWITTER message saying the attack against the PALESTINIANS has led to the deaths of civilians along the GAZA Border.

PALESTINIANS have marched at 13 different locations along the GAZA Border fence, forcing ISRAELI troops to open fire, killing more than they ever did since the launch Operation Protective Edge in 2014./Sabanews/cam



Neighbouring presidents Joao Lourenco of Angola (Left) and Edgar Lungu of Zambia (Right) (Pic. ZNBC)

LUSAKA – ANGOLA and ZAMBIA have renewed commitment to cooperate in a number of areas including development of the LOBITO Corridor, a transport infrastructure linking the TWO countries.

ZNBC News says the LOBITO Corridor aims at boosting intra-regional trade as well as improving access to markets outside AFRICA.

It says ANGOLA and ZAMBIA have also agreed to explore cooperation in the oil and gas sub sectors, including the construction of an oil pipeline between the TWO SADC nations.

Presidents EDGAR LUNGU of ZAMBIA and JOAO LOURENCO of ANGOLA have further agreed to exchange teachers and lecturers in ENGLISH and PORTUGUESE, which are used in different international forums.

They have also decided to further improve efforts to work closely together under the SADC Organ Troika on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation, to find sustainable and amicable solutions to conflicts in the region.

President LOURENCO has been visiting ZAMBIA and has jointly addressed the ZAMBIA-ANGOLA Business Forum with host President LUNGU.

Both leaders say there is need to increase the levels of bilateral trade, which should be much higher, given the close proximity of the TWO countries to each other and the existing potential.

ZNBC News says President LUNGU has invited traders from ANGOLA to exhibit at the 54TH ZAMBIA International Trade Fair from 27 JUNE to THREE JULY in the northern town of NDOLA.

He says business operators from the neighbouring country should also take part in the 18TH Annual World Export Development Forum that will take place from FIVE to SIX SEPTEMBER in his capital, LUSAKA.

The ZAMBIAN Information Ministry has released to the national broadcaster a joint communique on the TWO-day-long State Visit by the ANGOLAN Head of State.

ANGOLA and ZAMBIA are members of the SADC Region, which aims for economic, political, and social integration of the 15 member countries./Sabanews/cam


Minister Frederico Cardoso (Pic. ANGOP)

LUANDA – ANGOLA has joined the rest of the world to celebrate the World Press Freedom Day this THURSDAY.

The Minister of State and Chief of Staff of the President, FREDERICO CARDOSO, has commended media professionals for consolidating democracy over the years in the country.
He has addressed delegates to the Conference on the Challenges of Press Freedom in ANGOLA, held as part of the World Press Freedom Day.
Minister CARDOSO says journalists contribute with their knowledge, dedication, and selflessness in reporting about the country as well as in consolidating its young democracy.
He has also welcomed the creation of the Social Communication Regulatory Body for the delicate role of watching over the actions of the public and private media.
Minister CARDOSO also says freedom of the press exercised with responsibility allows the sharing of multiple views and exchange of ideas among the people.
The Conference on the Challenges of Press Freedom in ANGOLA has been held under the theme: Keeping Power in Check – Media, Justice, and the Rule of Law./Sabanews/cam



Angolan President Joao Lourenco, SADC Double Troika Chair

LUANDA – The SOUTHERN AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT COMMUNITY, SADC Double Troika Summit of the Heads of State and Government has commended events in troubled countries of the region.

President JOAO LOURENCO of ANGOLA, who heads the Double Troika, says he believes the steps taken in the DRC and LESOTHO can contribute to political confidence and stability of the TWO countries.

He has addressed delegates to the gathering held this TUESDAY in his capital, LUANDA, commending the move by DRC President JOSEPH KABILA to implement key aspects like scheduling the date for elections to 23 DECEMBER this year.

President LOURENCO says such actions are signs that may contribute to the urgent easing of internal tensions, to strengthen mutual trust between the government, the opposition, and civil society.

He has appealed to the parties involved in the process to show wisdom, patriotism, and maximum restraint in the most critical moments, looking FIRST at national interests.

The new climate, he says, will help tackle differences and ensure convergence that paves way for peace, security, stability, and national reconciliation.

However, President LOURENCO has expressed concern about the situation in Eastern DRC, where rebel groups like the DEMOCRATIC FORCES ALLIANCE continue to kill women and children.

Nevertheless, he says the SADC Double Troika welcomes the efforts made by the local active forces in the situation in LESOTHO for the full political stability of the Kingdom.

President LOURENCO says ANGOLA has a deep sense of duty as part of the military contingent of the regional group tasked to ensure the political and military stability of LESOTHO under the UN and the AU.

The SADC Double Troika Summit of the Heads of State and Government aims to seek peaceful ways to help the DRC and LESOTHO overcome their political and social crises as well as consolidate democratic processes in the Region.

ANGOLA chairs the Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation; while ZAMBIA is the incoming Chair; and TANZANIA is the outgoing Chair of the Organ responsible for promoting peace and security in the SADC Region.

SOUTH AFRICA Chairs the SADC Bloc, with NAMIBIA as the Deputy Chair and SWAZILAND as the out-going Chair, while representatives of the DRC and LESOTHO have attended the LUANDA Summit as guests./Sabanews/cam



President Joao Lourenco (right) receives leaders of National Youth Council (Pic. ANGOP)

LUANDA – Young people in ANGOLA have presented to President JOAO LOURENCO a number of issues they would like addressed for their economic empowerment.

They have told the national news agency, ANGOP, their lives will problems related to housing, technical and vocational training, employment, and credit lines are fulfilled.

ANGOP says President LOURENCO has received written submissions from the Chairperson of the National Youth Council and his delegation at State House in the capital, LUANDA.

ANTÓNIO TINGÃO MATEUS says their dialogue with the Head of State aims to help the ANGOLAN Leader understand the daily concerns of young persons in his country.

He says President LOURENCO has paid attention to their worries and has pledged to scrutinise them attentively before taking appropriate action.

Mr MATEUS also says his Council supports the introduction of the National Youth Plan, because it enables young people to take part in State programs of national development.

The National Youth Development Plan launched in 2014 aims to improve the living quality of the youth.

Mr MATEUS says his group is behind the PROJOVEM Project, a credit line meant to support young entrepreneurs, although they have issues with some elements of its operationalization.

Media reports say the ANGOLAN Government last JANUARY approved the creation of the Credit Line Regulation to Support Young Entrepreneurs.

The program, worth 24-MILLION US dollars and funded by the ANGOLAN Development Bank, would finance 226 youth projects at a maximum of 200-THOUSAND US dollars per scheme.

Youth and Sports Minister ANA PAULA SACRAMENTO has witnessed the dialogue between President LOURENCO and the young delegation at State House.

The ANGOLAN Cabinet member says her Ministry works with the National Youth Council to monitor the implementation of the pro-youth credit line./Sabanews/cam



Angolan Tax Police (Pic. ANGOP)

LUANDA – The ANGOLA National Police and the Criminal Investigation Service have pledged to intensify the fight against corruption and financial crimes.

National news agency ANGOP says Interior Minister ANGELO VEIGA TAVARES has addressed delegates to the Police Broad Consultative Council in the capital, LUANDA.

He says the law-enforcement agency should combine forces and face offenses linked to corruption, which have been contributing to the difficulties faced by citizens.

Minister TAVARES says dishonesty cases have gone before the Attorney General’s Office in recent times.

He says there is need for global ties among law-enforcement agencies to fight transnational crimes, through INTERPOL, as well as bilateral and multilateral deals in order to recover financial assets abroad.

Minister TAVARES says his Ministry further wants to speed up the training of police officers to combat cybercrime, as well as civilians to help the public to take part in their own security.

However, he has commended the National Police for reducing the crime figures and urged other security departments to continue working for lower records of criminal offenses.

The ANGOLAN Interior Minister recommends more training for the security sector to adapt and respond promptly to modern systems of handling migrants and foreigners, which needs more openness to encourage investment and tourism./Sabanews/cam