WINDHOEK – Finance Minister CALLE SCHLETTWEIN of NAMIBIA has defended the Targeted Intervention Program for Employment and Economic Growth in his country.

Finance Minister Calle Schlettwein (Pic. Agencies)

He says the scheme has not been a total failure like some people suggest, as it has created more than 15-THOUSAND permanent jobs and 87-THOUSAND part time ones.


The opposition leader alleges the authorities failed to implement the project fully and most of the funds were stolen.

Mr VENAANI has told journalists at a media briefing earlier this week the program was a total failure, which may have worsened the current economic slow-down.

He says most of the money for the Targeted Intervention Program for Employment and Economic Growth was stolen, and the State should avoid such a scheme in the future.

The opposition politician also says the benefits from project do not correspond with the billions of NAMIBIA dollars the Government pumped into it.

The government introduced the Targeted Intervention Program for Employment and Economic Growth during the 2011 to 2012 financial year.

Authorities say the plan has been to stimulate long-term economic growth by creating jobs in infrastructure development and other sectors.

The NAMIBIAN Government had earmarked some 13-THOUSAND NAMIBIA dollars for the scheme, but at least ONE-COMMA-SEVEN-BILLION dollars returned to the Treasury./Sabanews/cam



WINDHOEK – Biased social taboos about monthly periods continue to be deprived girls and women in NAMIBIA of chances to take part freely and easily in school and other social activities.

Healthy and comfortable facilities can improve female lives (Pic. Namibia Economist)

NBC News says the situation has driven the WOMEN’S ACTION FOR DEVELOPMENT to launch a campaign on menstrual hygiene management in the capital, WINDHOEK.

Biological experts long proved that the uterus lining gets thicker to prepare for a fertilized egg every month or so, if a woman becomes pregnant; but if such action fails, the body releases that lining through a process known as menstruation or a period.

However, monthly periods remain distorted among a number of cultural groups around the world – especially in AFRICA and ASIA, where the blood is associated with filthiness and shame.

The WOMEN’S ACTION FOR DEVELOPMENT in NAMIBIA says it is, therefore lobbying to counter the perceptions of impurity and disgrace that such cultures ascribe to menstruation.

The group has dubbed its campaign: My Periods is Awesome, with the aim to create a positive perception of menstruation and other natural processes in girl-children and women.

NBC News says a former Executive Director of the organisation has addressed delegates to the launch of the crusade, saying only 17 percent of female learners in rural areas have access to good sanitation facilities.

VERONICA DE KLERK also says 29 percent of schools in the SADC country have flushing toilets, while at least 25 percent of girls have toilets mixed with the ones used by boys.

She says such type of facilities available to girl-children during menstruation often force them to miss or drop out of school.

Ms DE KLERK says lack of suitable infrastructure robs women of healthy, safe, and hygienic menstrual management, as well as their privacy.

Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture Permanent Secretary SANET STEENKAMP says NAMIBIA will only realise quality education when society takes care of the health of adolescent girls.

The WISE ECONOMY Association of SWEDEN, which says all humans have the right to live lives with dignity and independence, has funded the menstrual health campaign in NAMIBIA./Sabanews/cam



WINDHOEK – The pressure group LANDLESS PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT, LPM, of NAMIBIA has applied to the Electoral Commission to register as a political party.

Landless People’s Movement Leader Bernadus Swartbooi (Pic. The Namibian)

Logistics and Events National Co-ordinator IVAN SKRYWER has led the delegation that handed in their letter this (THURSDAY) morning at his office in the capital, WINDHOEK.

Commission Director THEO MUJORO has received the application and explained the process to the LPM leadership, saying he will contact the group when registration is complete.

The national broadcaster says the Constitution requires an application for new party to include proof of about THREE-THOUSAND-500 registered members, who hold voters’ cards, and a registration fee of 25-THOUSAND NAMIBIA dollars.

Meanwhile, THE NAMIBIAN quotes the LPM Chief Campaigner as saying his group is GOD fearing, and it will restore the dignity of people if elected into power during the 2019 national elections.

BERNADUS SWARTBOOI says people in urban areas will get free plots of land within the FIRST 100 days, and the LPM will expropriate farmland measuring TWO-MILLION.

However, he does not say whether, or not, the group that advocates for ancestral land restitution will expropriate land without compensation.

Mr SWARTBOOI says they want to reduce the size of the Cabinet, and the number of parastatals, as well as trim the government by merging some ministries into one in order to save the nation billions of dollars.

He has pledged job creation, especially for the youth, unlike the current administration that he claims focuses on a building model to allow politicians and permanent secretaries to line their pockets through shady construction tenders.

Mr SWARTBOOI has condemned the government for excluding the LPM from the planned OCTOBER Land Conference, which he also calls an agenda to marginalise further people who have already lost their land.

The NAMIBIAN pressure group leader has ruled out the ability of the HAGE GEINGOB Administration to deal with the land, alleging the State will be another respondent in land claims./Sabanews/cam



OKAHANDJA – Informal settlements in NAMIBIA continue to experience high levels of poverty, despite government efforts to correct the situation.

Rural to urban migration creates informal settlements (Pic. Agencies)

NBC News says a 40-year-old resident of OKAHANDJA, a city of 24-THOUSAND people in OTJOZONDJUPA Region, has opened a soup kitchen in the VERGENOEG area.

It quotes CHRISTIANA SWARTBOOI as saying she has come up with the project in order to help feed poor members of her vulnerable community.

The national broadcaster says she opened the soup kitchen with the disadvantage and vulnerable children of the town in mind.

Ms SWARTBOOI, who is not employed, says her kitchen caters for about 128 children from MONDAY to SATURDAY.

She says it all started after a FIVE-year-old boy with his younger brother woke her up ONE morning asking for any leftover food.

Ms SWARTBOOI says the event broke her heart; and she decided to open the kitchen and a playschool from which she makes a little amount of money.

She says she uses the earnings to buy food and keep the soup kitchen running, but the business faces some challenges such as lack of water, sanitation facilities, and electricity.

However, Ms SWARTBOOI says despite all the difficulties, she still has big dreams for the project; and she calls on any GOOD SAMARITAN out there to help keep the soup kitchen running.

Researchers and authors say the SADC country is undergoing a rapid transition from a rural-based society to one based largely in urban areas.

They say the situation is most visible in informal settlements that accommodate poor families in shacks on the edges of towns.

Urban NAMIBIA reportedly now has some 140-THOUSAND unofficial homes and the number may double over the next SEVEN or EIGHT years if the authorities do not address the trend urgently./Sabanews/cam



Affirmative Repositioning: from left – George Kambala, Dimbulukeni Nauyoma, Job Amupanda and Desh Dallaz pose with a notice proclaiming their grab (Pic. The Namibia)

WINDHOEK – The steadily growing, but alarming, rate of unemployment in NAMIBIA is threatening to disturb the social fabric of the SADC country.

NBC News says a group of jobless graduates petitioned Prime Minister NETUMBO NANDI-NDAITWA ONE month ago over lack of jobs for them and their colleagues nationwide.

It says they are now threatening to occupy the offices of the Premier and the Vice President if they do not get favourable answers to their demands within the next ONE month.

The group says they have given enough time to the government to come up with a solution to national unemployment problems, which its members blame on corruption acts like nepotism.

They say young university graduates are frustrated to see their ambitions shattered because it is virtually impossible to find employment in NAMIBIA.

NBC News says AFFIRMATIVE REPOSITIONING Leader DIMBULUKENI NAUYOMA has addressed the media in the capital, WINDHOEK.

He says his group, aimed mainly to secure land for the poor, is mobilizing transport for more than THREE-THOUSAND youths countrywide to camp at the Prime Minister’s office indefinitely.

He says the authorities collect information each year to plan for the nation, but it appears as though they do not use the figures they gather to come up with solutions to create jobs.

The national broadcaster says the development comes amid reports saying the 2017 rate of unemployment among the NAMIBIAN youths between the ages of 15 and 34 was 43 percent.

It quotes the AFFIRMATIVE REPOSITIONING as saying the country has a total labour force of more than 570-THOUSAND, against more than 200-THOUSAND unemployed young people.

The AFFIRMATIVE REPOSITIONING is a radical movement aimed to improve the socio-economic conditions of urban youths; and it uses social media platforms to mobilise residents to apply for small land titles from municipalities.

JOB AMUPANDA, DIMBULUKWENI NAUYOMA, and GEORGE KAMBALA started the group in NOVEMBER 2014, when they achieved a wave of land applications in WINDHOEK, before spreading to other towns.

The AFFIRMATIVE REPOSITIONING came into being after the THREE men cleared land in the affluent KLEINE KUPPE Suburb of the capital and named it ERF Number 2014.

They cited high rental prices in town and nepotism in the municipality as reasons for their actions, but the authorities declared the move illegal land grabbing.

All the THREE men were in the ruling SWAPO Party Youth League, with AMUPANDA serving as Secretary for Information, Publicity and Mobilisation as well as member of the Executive Committee.

The party Top FOUR at the time, former President HIFIKEPUNYE POHAMBA, then Vice-President HAGE GEINGOB (now President), Secretary-General NANGOLO MBUMBA (now Vice President), and his Deputy LAURA MCLEOD-KATJIRUA fired the trio.

Their court case against SWAPO saw their reinstatement as party members in MAY 2016, but the NAMIBIAN youth group has not stopped applying pressure for better lives for the youth in the country./Sabanews/cam



WINDHOEK – About ONE-THOUSAND civil society campaigners in Southern AFRICA have today been due to meet in NAMIBIA to lobby governments on a number of social issues.

Ousted Presidents Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Jacob Zuma of South Africa (Pic. The Sunday News)

The meeting in the capital, WINDHOEK, comes ahead of the 38TH Ordinary Summit of the SADC Heads of State and Government taking place from tomorrow, FRIDAY, to the 18 AUGUST at the SAFARI COURT Hotel and Conference Centre in WINDHOEK

The SADC Summit, coming amid continued poverty escalation, is running under the theme: Promoting Infrastructure Development and Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development.

The civil society groups have named their own meeting the People’s Summit, with the theme: Reclaiming SADC for Social, Economic and Political Justice, Free Movement and Use of Natural Resources for Youth Employment, Affordable Land, and Housing for All.

The Secretary General of the SOUTHERN AFRICAN PEOPLE’S SOLIDARITY NETWORK says they aim to discuss democracy, human rights, youth empowerment, economic, and environmental justice, as well as gender issues.

NBC News quotes SOFONEA SHALE as saying delegates will also talk about cash-outflows from the region and its borrowing from institutions whose conditions hurt ordinary people in SADC countries.

The national broadcaster says People’s Summit Chairperson RONNY DEMPERS describes the meeting as a platform from which ordinary people can engage heads of state and government.

Their deliberations today will wind up with a communique spelling out what the citizens of the SADC Region want from their national leaders.

NBC News says the massive group will go on a march tomorrow (FRIDAY) from the WINDHOEK Show Grounds to the AGOSTINHO NETO Park to hand over their message.

The SOUTHERN AFRICAN PEOPLE’S SOLIDARITY NETWORK gathers development NGOs and institutions, civil society groups like trade unions, churches, and community-based movements.

The organisation aims to create a unified strategy for Southern AFRICA in order to resist and counterbalance the negative effects of globalisation on the SADC Region.

It says it believes in the necessity to strengthen national struggles, starting with support for grass-root movements – especially networks that include marginalized communities.

The group is lobbying national leaders as NAMIBIA assumes the role of Chair of the SADC this month, taking over from SOUTH AFRICA.

NAMIBIA is FIRST hosting the SADC Senior Officials’ Meeting from NINE to 11 AUGUST, the Ministerial Meeting from the 13TH to the 14TH and the Senior Officials, Ministerial and Summit Troika on 16 AUGUST.

Both the 38TH Ordinary Summit of the Heads of State and Government and the People’s Summit are taking place a couple of months after the public ouster of Presidents ROBERT MUGABE of ZIMBABWE and JACOB ZUMA of SOUTH AFRICA./Sabanews/cam



WINDHOEK – NAMIBIA says it is ready to host the 38TH SOUTHERN AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT COMMUNITY, SADC, Heads of State and Government Summit this month.

International Relations and Cooperation Permanent Secretary SELMA ASHIPALA-MUSAVYI says preparations are on track, and everything will be in place before the meeting on 17 AUGUST.

Ambassador Selma Ashipala-Musavyi poses for a photo with Malaysia High Commissioner Hishamuddin Ibrahim in October 2017 (Pic. Malaysia High Commission)

NBC News says the Head of the SADC Advanced Team, HENDRIX STONDE, is currently inspecting the venue and monitoring the preparations.

The national broadcaster quotes Mr STONDE as saying he is satisfied with the logistics he has seen so far, and efforts by the responsible government departments have exceeded his expectations.

The upcoming Heads of State and Government Summit will see NAMIBIA taking over the Chair of the SADC Region from SOUTH AFRICA.

The 2018 Summit is running under the theme: Promoting Infrastructure Development and Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development.

NBC News says the NAMIBIAN Government will spend around 50-MILLION NAMIBIA dollars in the hosting of the event.

The SADC Heads of State and Government Summit will come after meetings of senior officials and the Council of Ministers scheduled for the NINTH and the 14TH of AUGUST./Sabanews/cam



Elephants are the biggest culprits when it comes to crop destruction (Pic. The Villager Newspaper)

NKURENKURU – Land Reform Minister UUTONI NUJOMA of NAMIBIA has called for the involvement of all citizens in the ongoing land debate in the TWO KAVANGO regions.

He has addressed delegates to a consultative meeting held in NKURENKURU, capital of the KAVANGO WEST Region in Northern NAMIBIA, 140 kilometres west of the border town of RUNDU.

Minister NUJOMA has told the gathering to discuss the upcoming SECOND National Land Conference the TWO regions can be the national breadbasket if people use farms optimally.

NBC News says hundreds of KAVANGO WEST residents have recently assembled in the NKURENKURU Town to deliberate on resettlement and settlement issues.

It says Minister NUJOMA has repeated his call for the repossession of underutilised land, which should be allocated to farmers able to produce food and create employment.

KAVANGO WEST Governor SIRKKA AUSIKU has opened the TWO-day-long conference hosted in her province.

She says she is concerned about the increased number of people illegally fencing off large tracts of land in communal areas, denying other residents grazing space in the process.

Governor AUSIKU has further used the occasion to inform Environment and Tourism Minister POHAMBA SHIFETA about the escalating human wildlife conflict in her region.

Her comments come amid reports saying there have often been violent encounters between wild animals and farmers.

Humans often react by killing the jumbos (Pic. NBC)

Farmers are fighting to protect their livelihoods, but the animals need freedom of movement; with elephants coming out as the most well-known contributors to crop damage.

KAVANGO WEST is a twin of KAVANGO EAST, both born out of the KAVANGO Region – formerly named the OKAVANGO before 1998.

The area falls under the KAVANGO-ZAMBEZI Transfrontier Conservation Area, KAZA, which is ONE of the largest conservation areas globally.

KAZA spanning the borders of ANGOLA, BOTSWANA, NAMIBIA, ZAMBIA, and ZIMBABWE, aims to sustain the protection of wildlife and contribute to the well-being of communities as well as their cultures.

However, producers from a number of villages in the KAVANGO WEST have reported cases of elephants destroying food barns in their homesteads in recent weeks.

Delegates have also been expecting the KAVANGO WEST consultations on the SECOND NAMIBIA National Land Conference to discuss the veterinary cordon fence, which restricts livestock movement, and the allocation of urban land./Sabanews/cam



President Hage Geingob, right, chats with Theo-Ben Gurirab, left (Pic. The Namibian)

WINDHOEK – Sympathizers continue to pay tribute to the late former Speaker of the NAMIBIA National Assembly, THEO-BEN GURIRAB.

Retired Commissioner for Refugees, NKRUMAH MUSHELENGA, and Land Reform Minister UTONI NUJOMA have commended the character of the late GURIRAB.

NBC News says they have described him as a fearless political commander, a strategist and an uncorrupted politician.

It says the TWO politicians have paid their tribute to the fallen diplomat at a night vigil held at his home this TUESDAY in the capital, WINDHOEK.

Retired Commissioner MUSHELENGA has challenged the current generation to emulate the example of the late GURIRAB, in order to advance the NAMIBIAN cause for economic freedom.

On his part, Minister NUJOMA says Mr GURIRAB was a fearless freedom fighter and diplomat, who defended the national agenda at international fora.

He says he got to know the late politician through his father, former President SAM NUJOMA, as both leaders were close confidants.

Meanwhile, the diplomatic community in NAMIBIA says it has lost a go-to-person on global issues, the late GURIRAB, whose contributions will be missed in the world relations field.

NBC News says the diplomatic corps have offered their condolences to the family of the late GURIRAB.

It quotes the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, ANASTAS KABOBA WA KIMBA, as saying even in retirement, the former Foreign Minister offered advice in the field.

He says it is now up to the youth to work tirelessly to protect and defend the reputation the late GURIRAB and others have carved locally and globally.

The national broadcaster says the authorities plan to hold a memorial service on FRIDAY at Parliament Gardens, before GURIRAB’s burial on SATURDAY at the Heroes’ Acre in WINDHOEK.

The late GURIRAB, born on 23 JANUARY 1938 in USAKOS area in the ERONGO Region, obtained a teaching diploma in 1960 from the AUGUSTINEUM Training College in OKAHANDJA.

FOUR years later in 1964, he graduated with a degree in political science from TEMPLE University in PENNSYLVANIA while in exile in the UNITED STATES.

The late GURIRAB served as Associate Representative of the SWAPO Mission to UN and the UNITED STATES from 1964 to 1972, Head of the SWAPO Mission to the UN from 1972 to 1986, and SWAPO Secretary for Foreign Affairs from 1986 to 1990.

Records show he was a member of the SWAPO Constituent Assembly immediately before independence from NOVEMBER 1989 to MARCH 1990, and was the key drafter of national Constitution.

The late NAMIBIAN politician was Foreign Affairs Minister from independence in 1990 until he became Prime Minister in 2002, and served as President of the UN General Assembly from 1999 to 2000./Sabanews/cam



WINDHOEK – Bank of NAMIBIA Chief Economist FLORETTE NAKUSERA says dependence on primary commodities is exposing the nation to more foreign shocks.

Central Bank of Namibia (Pic. Footprint to Africa)

NBC News says the official has addressed delegates to a ONE-day-long summit on the global economy, under the theme: A World on Edge.

It quotes her as saying raw materials, such as minerals exported without value-addition, open the economy to serious surprises from the international markets.

Ms NAKUSERA says it is vital to invest in adjacent sectors and explore new sources of revenue to ensure resilience against such developments.

She says the country can venture into information technology, manufacturing, and tourism, as the State has predicted in the FIFTH National Developmental Plan.

Such programs will not only curbs over-dependency on key extraction sectors, but also broaden the public coffers by creating revenue and jobs, as well as enabling industrialization.

Ms NAKUSERA says poor roads, lack of adequate security, and worn-out airport infrastructure are an obstacle to the advancement of the tourism industry.

She has called on stakeholders to advertise rare tourism sites like where the desert meets the sea in WALVIS BAY, to help increase the number of visitors from ONE-COMMA-FOUR-MILLION to ONE-COMMA-EIGHT-MILLION by 2022.

A project of such magnitude and rarity will create jobs, more revenue, reduce poverty and bring NAMIBIA at par with global players, while benefitting most form the FOURTH Industrial Revolution./Sabanews/cam