Nkonyeni Lodge and Golf Estate Hotel in Manzini District (Pic. Trip Advisor)

MBABANE – President EDGAR LUNGU of ZAMBIA is reportedly set to make SWAZILAND, now known as the KINGDOM OF ESWATINI, his SECOND home.

Media reports claim he plans to build a mansion worth millions of US dollars in the NKONYENI area of MANZINI District.
The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says it has information the stately home will be on Lot 225 of FARM NKONYENI THREE, past SIDVOKODVO area.
It says ZAMBIAN media have already spread the news about the alleged mansion, with opposition parties questioning it and demanding to know how President LUNGU acquired the land.
The TIMES says a leaked architectural plan of the structure reveals it was done by a company known as ARCHITECTS INTERNATIONAL, based in the SWAZI capital of MBABANE.
It says copies of the drawing, already circulating on different social media platforms and online newspapers, show the plan of the building was revised last NOVEMBER.
Meanwhile, ZAMBIAN media quote Information and Broadcasting Minister DORA SILIYA as confirming President LUNGU owns land which the authorities gave him in SWAZILAND.
The DIGGERS NEWS and the ZAMBIA ONLINE allege Minister SILIYA has told a press conference at her offices it is normal for a president to own land in a foreign country.
She says national leaders receive many gifts when they travel, and, in this case, President LUNGU got a piece of land that has been processed has title deeds.
Minister SILIYA says there is nothing sinister about such a development, although some people like to create stories even when there are no stories.
The TIMES says there are reports saying the house planned for the piece of land owned by the ZAMBIAN Leader in SWAZILAND will cost about THREE-MILLION-900-THOUSAND US dollars.
However, the SWAZI TIMES papers from the Deeds Registry Public Information Centre show the area in question comprises about 90 plots owned by INYATSI PROPERTIES Limited.
The records say RUDOLPH Investments initially owned the area, measuring FOUR-THOUSAND-105 square metres approved by the surveyor general in MARCH 2009.
INYATSI PROPERTIES Limited lawfully acquired the property from RUDOLPH Investments via a deed of transfer processed last year through S V MDLADLA AND ASSOCIATES.
The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says efforts to get a comment from ARCHITECTS INTERNATIONAL have failed, after the firm emphasised it does not discuss matters relating to clients./Sabanews/cam



TIMPHISINI – A FIVE-year-old boy is missing after a masked man allegedly kidnapped him while playing with other children in the MSAHWENI Area of SWAZILAND.

The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says the kids were playing near their home when the assailant pounced and grabbed NKHOSINAYE DLAMINI early this week.

It says the dreadlocked suspect, dressed in black, and covering his face, took the boy and ran away, leaving his friends terrified.

The children ran away and reported the matter to their elders before members of the community launched a search of the boy, but could not find him.

His mother, LUNGILE TSABEDZE, says she recently moved to the homestead with NKHOSINAYE after marrying another man.

She says the incident has shocked her, and she only hopes her son, who was a pupil at a local preschool, is still alive wherever he is.

The latest kidnapping comes amid reports of ritual killings being common in SWAZILAND and elsewhere in AFRICA, with practitioners of traditional medicine and witchcraft using body parts./Sabanews/cam



Swazi Police search for their colleague in the bush (Pic. Times of Swaziland)

MHLANE – An officer with the SWAZILAND Police Force has been found dead and his body on fire close to 50 kilometres from the place he had disappeared 24 hours earlier.

The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says the deceased, only named as Sergeant MDUDUZI of MATSAPHA Police Station, reportedly had lost everything to a mysterious fire.

It quotes the bereaved wife, MARY, as saying her late husband had been living a miserable life since AUGUST last year, when all the things he handled went up in smoke.

She says before his death on TUESDAY afternoon, they had gone to the bank to withdraw some money, but the whole amount caught fire in their motor vehicle when they reached home.

Ms MDUDUZI says the late Sergeant got burnt on the stomach as he tried to put out the fire to save the car and the cash.

She says everything he owned has been burnt and in a strange way, from his clothing, work uniform, shoes, food items and even the house they currently occupy at the police camp.

Ms MDUDUZI says each time her late husband withdrew some money, it all got burnt; a situation that has been frustrating him since he was the sole breadwinner in the family.

She says the couple had tried to take Sergeant MDUDUZI to prophets and pastors for prayers in vain; and on the day of his disappearance, he had revealed he was going to kill himself.

His children saw him retrieving a rope before he left the house, and when the wife realised his departure she followed him into the MHLANE Forest, where he usually went after such similar episodes.

However, Ms MDUDUZI says she searched for her late husband but failed to locate him and decided to return to the Camp to inform his colleagues.

More than 100 police officers launched a search for Sergeant MDUDUZI and only found his burning remains near USUTHU River at SIPHOFANENI, about 50 kilometres away from home.

The TIMES says authorities in traditional mysteries describe what had been happening to the late police officer as a curse known as LUBANE.

It says the deceased always wanted to kill himself and people had stopped him from committing suicide many times by shooting himself with his service pistol.

The tearful wife of the deceased SWAZI Police officer says her late husband had remained with nothing after his uniforms, as well as the only clothes donated by church members, all got burnt up too last week./Sabanews/cam



Swazi future leaders struggle at South African Embassy (Pic. Times of Swaziland)

MBABANE – SWAZI students studying in different countries of the SADC Region have accused their government of neglect due to unpaid college fees and accommodation rentals.

The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says the situation remains a nightmare for the undergraduates, as the Ministry of Labour and Social Security has still not paid some of them their allowances.

It says the affected are mainly FIRST Year individuals enrolled at the different universities; who have to stress about the allowances as landlords also demand rent.

Some of the children studying in SOUTH AFRICAN colleges moved into flats at the end of JANUARY, and have been struggling to pay their rentals since then.

The TIMES says parents have found themselves in a difficult situation as their children are complaining about home owners who are threatening to evict them if they do not pay up.

It says just a few months ago, SWAZI students were going through the headache of failing to get study permits from the SOUTH AFRICAN High Commission.

The situation was so serious they had to spend nights sleeping on the floor at the NEW MALL in the capital, MBABANE, because the Commission closed early and only attended to a specific number of students per day.

The situation at the foreign mission has been blamed partly on government negligence, since some students needed to present proof of payment before getting the permits.

Interviewed SWAZI students have told the media they are disappointed with the authorities in the Kingdom, who they feel does not care about their welfare./Sabanews/cam



Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court, SA (Pic. eNCA)

SIYENDLE – A number of people attending the funeral of a young man in the SIYENDLE area of SWAZILAND have escaped death after a petrol bomb exploded in their packed house.

The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says unknown assailants attacked the mourners in the early hours of this SATURDAY.

It says the device went off and left JOYCE MASILELA, 58, a neighbour, and 12 other family members chocking in smoke.

The family say they suspect the attack was an attempt to kill them by people who may have had a hand in the death of 21-year-old NHLANHLA KUNENE, the son of Ms MASILELA.

Ms MASILELA says they found NHLANHLA lying dead on his bed, and suspected he had been poisoned during a night out with unknown people.

She says although his body still had a pulse, he could not provide answers to many questions because he had lost his speech by the time he was discovered.

Ms MASILELA has been reluctant to discuss the suspects or the discord between them and her son; saying the family members have a slight idea but they have left everything to the police.

She also says the petrol bombers attacked as the family were mourning and making preparations for the burial of the deceased, which is scheduled for this SUNDAY.

In another development, the case of the murdered prominent businessman, VICTOR GAMEDZE, has taken a new twist.

The TIMES says the TWO SOUTH AFRICANS suspected of the killing are now challenging the jurisdiction of the magistrate presiding over their extradition from the neighbouring country.

It says the accused, MBUSI ‘NCAZA’ NKOSI and SIMPHIWE NGUBANE, are currently detained in SOUTH AFRICA following their arrest almost TWO months ago.

They made their SECOND appearance at the JOHANNESBURG Magistrates Court last THURSDAY, when they argued they should appear before a SOWETO-based magistrate instead.

Advocate DEON VAN VYK from the National Prosecuting Authority of SOUTH AFRICA is representing the SWAZI authorities, while a lawyer from Legal Aid SOUTH AFRICA stands for the suspects.

The accused SOUTH AFRICANS argue their matter should be heard in SOWETO, where they were arrested in connection with the murder of the SWAZI businessman and football administrator.

The SWAZI delegation now has to prove why the suspects should be extradited, and whether the JOHANNESBURG Magistrate does have jurisdiction to preside over the matter./Sabanews/cam



Depression can lead to mental health problems

DUZE – A woman in the LUBOMBO Region of Central SWAZILAND has killed herself allegedly after her husband decided to end their THREE-year-old marriage.

The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says the deceased, only named as THEMBI, had also tried but failed to kill her 12-month-old daughter.

It says she committed suicide by taking the deadly weevil tablets, a pesticide that contains aluminium phosphide and emits phosphine gas, which she also gave the toddler.

The newspaper says the late 39-year-old mother killed herself in KAJIMBA Area of SIPHOFANENI Town.

It further quotes family members as saying THEMBI had a misunderstanding with her 31-year-old husband, also only named as MANDLA, after he allegedly wanted to divorce her.

The TWO are said to have been married between 2014 and 2015, through the SWAZI Law and Customs; and a daughter was born from the union.

Relatives say after being informed of plans to end the marriage, THEMBI found it difficult to come to terms with the development as she had high hopes for the relationship.

They also say before her death, THEMBI had travelled with her husband and child from their house at PIGG’S PEAK to SIPHOFANENI, the home of the husband’s parents.

The couple reportedly had an argument that forced the husband to alight from the public transport they were using before reaching their destination; and it was their last time together.

Meanwhile, earlier media reports say about 125 people, 102 of them men and 23 women between the ages of 13 and 23, committed suicide in 2017.

ONE publication quotes National Psychiatric Hospital Administrator VIOLET MUWANJE as saying most of the cases were a result of depression.

The official says about 18 percent of the ONE-MILLION-343-THOUSAND people in SWAZILAND have attempted to kill themselves, and only FOUR-POINT-FIVE percent of them have survived the suicides./Sabanews/cam


Raleigh Fitkin Hospital
MANZINI – The family a woman who died recently at the RALEIGH FITKIN Memorial Hospital after a shot illness are crying foul over the manner the medical centre handled the illness.
The daughter of the late 52-year-old NCAMSILE MALINDZA says they even suspect their mother was stacked away in the morgue while she was still alive.
BONAKELE LANGA says the late woman fell sick last MONDAY night while they were at home in the MALIYADUMA Area in the commercial capital, MANZINI.
The family had to call paramedics with an ambulance after her illness got worse before daybreak and she was ferried to the hospital.
Ms LANGA alleges the emergency staff asked them why they brought the patient at night, complaining that they could not attend to her because since there was no doctor on call.
She says they decided to take care of their mother until TUESDAY morning when a doctor would be available to see her; but a nurse turned up to attend to her, as no doctor had come.
However, the nursing staff threw out the family out of the ward when the doctor finally surfaced on WEDNESDAY morning, although they would have liked to see her treated.
Only after about TWO hours, a nurse approached the waiting relatives with the news that Mama MALINDZA had died, but they could not go in to see her body until the funeral parlour people came.
Ms LANGA says the incident confused them because they had not even see the physician who attended to their mother, and they had no idea what the medical team had done to her.
Worse still, DUPS Funeral Home personnel refused them access to the body at the parlour despite a promise made at the hospital: which had rushed to release the body to the parlour before other relatives arrived.
Ms LANGA says some of the relatives had heard their mother yelling as her supposed dead body was taken out of the vehicle, but DUPS Funeral Home workers dismissed the claim
The workers told the relatives a staff member had been shocked by the size of the body and yelled, but the mourners remained concerned because those who had touched the body had found it warm as if still alive.
Ms LANGA says while they reluctantly let it go, new doubts emerged when the parlour workers again refused to let them clean the body before placing it in a coffin; saying they would see bodies of other people.
Moreover, when they finally managed to access the remains of her mother on FRIDAY, they allegedly found the body, which had not gone under post-mortem, with bloodstains on the face and back, with more blood coming out of her mouth.
After failing to solve the puzzle, the SWAZI family finally decided to bury their mother, whom they believe was wrongly declared dead before being sent to the morgue and only reported the matter to the police./Sabanews/cam


Image by SABC News
PIETERMARITZBURG – The High Court of SOUTH AFRICA in PIETERMARITZBURG City has handed down FOUR life-in-jail sentences to a man who brutally killed FOUR young children last year.
SABC News says BEN MBHELE (32) teamed up with another unnamed men and went to the home of his sister, S’LINDILE MBHELE, the mother of the kids he then slaughtered in cold blood.
It says S’LINDILE had visited friends and left the children, aged between FOUR and 12, watching television at home in KWA-NZIMAKWE in the coastal province of KWA-ZULU NATAL.
MBHELE and his accomplice stabbed their victims to death and cut off their ears, which later turned out to have been destined for a witchdoctor in the city of DURBAN.
The Court has established the motive for the killing was financial gain, as the killer-uncle had taken out insurance with a number of companies on all the FOUR children he murdered.
Meanwhile, research shows while the murder of people for their body parts is a crime in any country of the world; the practices continue in Sub-SAHARAN AFRICA in the 21ST Century.
Ritual killer confesses to Nigerian Police after arrest

In the SADC Region, such cases in which criminals kill human beings to remove body parts for use as medicine or for magical purposes in witchcraft are widespread.

While most reports are about targets of people with albinism in countries like MALAWI, MOZAMBIQUE, SWAZILAND, SOUTH AFRICA, and TANZANIA it is also emerging that no one is safe elsewhere in the region.
Authorities agree such murders occur and sometimes go unreported in BOTSWANA, LESOTHO, MOZAMBIQUE, SOUTH AFRICA, SWAZILAND, ZAMBIA, and ZIMBABWE.
Nevertheless, SADC currently has no publicly known regional position or legislation to fight against the practitioners of the common ritual killings, which individual nations have to face alone./Sabanews/cam



Suspected Swazi killer businessman in custody (Pic. Swazi Observer)

MBABANE – The authorities in SWAZILAND have this week been forced to beef up security at the High Court where a prominent businessman faces charges of murder.

MATSAPHA UNITED Director SIPHO SHONGWE is in custody after being arrested for the murder of MBABANE SWALLOWS Boss VICTOR GAMEDZE.

The TIMES OF SWAZILAND newspaper says officials took precautions after rumours about his friends planning to snatch the suspect from the Court.

It says they left nothing to chance, deploying police officers and sniffer dogs from the Bomb Disposal Unit in a move that was the FIRST of its kind in the Kingdom.

The precautions were in addition to the usual contingent of armed police officers who provide security during Mr SHONGWE’s court appearances.

A bomb disposal machine was also used to detect if there were any explosives planted in the courtroom in which his bail hearing was scheduled to be held.

The TIMES says the security measures came after the intelligence department picked information saying the friends of the accused from SOUTH AFRICA planned a snatch.

According to the officers who were present in court, there were threats to security, which resulted in them making sure that there were no foreign elements at the High Court.

The suspect gunned down the deceased, who was also the Vice President of the NATIONAL FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION OF SWAZILAND, on 14 JANUARY at a petrol station./Sabanews/cam



High Court of Swaziland

EZULWINI – The authorities in SWAZILAND say lack of a laboratory to carry out DNA analysis in rape cases is ONE of the major reasons why suspects escape the arm of the law.

The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says Principal Judge QINISILE MABUZA has revealed the information during a workshop place at the HAPPY VALLEY Resort in EZULWINI Town.

It says the gathering has been discussing ways to enhance redress and accountability for sexual and gender-based violence in the Kingdom, where she detailed some of the challenges judges face whenever they deal with such cases.

The TIMES says Justice MABUZA has shared her own experience during a case she once dealt with; saying years went by without a DNA analysis, which forced her to acquit the perpetrator.

She says another weak link is while the police always do a commendable job in their investigations, there are problems when they got to the hospitals and hand over the survivors to doctors.

Justice MABUZA says no one educates the doctors on what the courts expect and police officers compile the dockets without reading the medical reports to determine whether the laid charges can be sustained, which ends up disturbing the cases.

She says it is worrying that when the DNA analysis evidence goes to neighbouring SOUTH AFRICA it sometimes takes long to return; and the suspect she mentioned escaped because it was already THREE years when the profiles returned.

Justice MABUZA says the delays are often because the lab in PRETORIA has a backlog as it has to service the whole of SOUTH AFRICA and other countries such as LESOTHO, BOTSWANA, and now ZIMBABWE.

She says there is need to lobby the government to consider construction of a big laboratory, which can benefit the country handsomely as it will also service other nations in the Southern AFRICA Region.

Justice MABUZA says judges take the issue of incest seriously and treat it according to the training they received, but there is need for a proper understanding of the term Access to Justice, which she said was TWO-fold.

She says both the perpetrator and the survivor have rights that the courts have to respect, which means judicial officers have to ensure they do a balancing act.

Furthermore, the SWAZI Justice has pleaded with the police and judicial officers to have meetings constantly in order to discuss issues of bail conditions./Sabanews/cam