LUSAKA – The authorities in the ZAMBIAN capital, LUSAKA, have appealed to religious groups to help fight cholera, a deadly diarrhoeal disease wreaking havoc in neighbouring ZIMBABWE.

Cholera treatment centre in Zambia (Pic. Zambia Business Times)

LUSAKA City Council Public Health Acting Director EDGAR MULWANDA says organisations such as churches should promote the spirit of hygiene among their members.

He has told ZNBC News in the city the trend of shaking hands is back in the country, but people should continue to wash their hands frequently.

The national broadcaster says Mr MULWANDA has further appealed to schools to sensitise their pupils on the importance of observing the highest standards of cleanliness.

Grave digger at Granville Cemetery in Harare, Zimbabwe (Pic. The New York Times)

Meanwhile, LUSAKA Water and Sewerage Company Marketing and Public Relations Manager PATSON PHIRI has also spoken with ZNBC News in LUSAKA.

He says the UNITED NATIONS CHILDREN’S FUND, UNICEF has released 10-MILLION kwacha (about 896-THOUSAND-500 US dollars) for the expansion of water supply systems in areas around the municipality.

Mr PHIRI says the authorities plan to extend the water supply system to KALIKILIKI, KALINGALINGA and MTENDERE areas, and experts have completed the diagrams for laying out pipes and other installations.

Health Minister CHITALU CHILUFYA has in turn urged members of the public to drink chlorinated or boiled water, and wash their hands with soap before touching food.

The health campaign in ZAMBIA comes amid reports of a serious cholera outbreak that has killed at least 30 people across the ZAMBEZI in ZIMBABWE, which 10 years ago recorded 98-THOUSAND-592 cholera infections and FOUR-THOUSAND-288 deaths.

Cholera, an infectious disease that causes severe watery diarrhoea caused by eating food or drinking water contaminated with a bacterium called VIBRIO cholerae, can lead to serious dehydration and even death if untreated.

In urban areas like the capitals of both ZAMBIA and ZIMBABWE, cholera mainly breaks out due to very poor sanitary conditions under which residents go for weeks without piped water – with streams of raw sewerage flowing in front of houses./Sabanews/cam



LUSAKA – Communications Minister BRIAN MUSHIMBA of ZAMBIA has advised people to avoid the habit of abusing Information Communication Technology, ICT platforms.

Communications Minister Brian Mushimba (Pic. ZNBC)

He says anyone who wrongfully uses the Net will face the full wrath of the law, because the digital society the government has launched aims to help create jobs and wealth.

Minister MUSHIMBA says the facility is not for promoting anarchy in the country.

He has directed the ZAMBIA Information and Communications Technology Authority to invest more in changing the mind set of ICT users, to ensure they use the platforms for national development.

Minister MUSHIMBA has made the remarks in a speech read for him by his Permanent Secretary, MISHECK LUNGU, at the ZAMBIA ICT Talent Development Summit and the HUAWEI ICT Competition Launch in the capital, LUSAKA.

CHINESE Ambassador LI JIE says CHINA has committed itself to help the SADC country develop the ICT sector, as it has a lot of potential for development.

Cabinet Deputy Secretary MARTINE MTONGA, who is also Smart ZAMBIA National Coordinator, has appealed to citizens to appreciate State investment in the sector by taking it seriously.

INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATION OF ZAMBIA President ALICK SIANKUMO says there is need to pay attention to ICT as ONE sector that can spur economic development.

HUAWEI ZAMBIA Country Director MARTIN ZHONG has in turn called for continued investment in the Information Communication Technology sector for a better ZAMBIA./Sabanews/cam



Game rangers and vets remove a wire snare from a rhino in the Mosia-Tunya National Park near Livingstone Town (Pic. Oscar Nkala)

LUSAKA – Tourism and Arts Permanent Secretary HOWARD SIKWELA of ZAMBIA says he is concerned about the high numbers of women being used as agents in illegal wildlife trade.

The LUSAKA TIMES says he has made the comments when Wildlife Crime Prevention Awareness Manager LUWI NGULIKA paid a courtesy call on him at his office.

It says Mr SIKWELA has called on the Wildlife Crime Prevention Awareness organization to carry out more sensitization, especially for women who end up suffering when arrested.

He says just like in drug trafficking, women fall victim as they are being used in the marketing and selling of contrabands like illegal game meat.

Mr SIKWELA has also asked the Awareness Manager to go flat out and tell women about the dangers that come with such risky business engagements.

He says the government cannot manage to go it alone in bringing down wildlife crime, hence the need to engage with other stakeholders like the Wildlife Crime Prevention Awareness.

Manager NGULIKA says her organization cherishes the support from the Tourism and Arts Ministry and wishes for continued partnership for posterity.

She says there is need to change the manner in the way people look at conservation efforts of all parties involved for the benefit of all ZAMBIANS.

Ms NGULIKA says ZAMBIANS need to know the value of wildlife, and there is need to leave a legacy of conservation efforts.

The TIMES says the information is in a statement from Tourism and Arts Ministry Public Relations Officer SAKABILO KALEMBWE earlier this week in the capital, LUSAKA.

A 2016 report says the elephant population in ZAMBIA has declined by about 90 percent due to poaching, while the number of black rhinos of about 13-THOUSAND in 1981 is now extinct./Sabanews/cam



Lwendela Traditional Ceremony at Chief Ingwe Mahanda of the Kaonde people (Pic. Zambian Day)

SOLWEZI – A cultural lobby group, the NSAKWA YABA KAONDE in NORTH-WESTERN Province of ZAMBIA has appealed to traditional leaders to avoid selling land to foreigners.

NSAKWA YABA KAONDE Vice Chairperson GOODSON SANSAKUWA has made the call during the NTONGO Traditional Ceremony of the KAONDE speaking people under Chief CHIZELA.

He says traditional leaders should welcome investors who come to do business in the region but have to discourage their residents from selling the soil.

Mr SANSAKUWA says the land belongs to locals and future generations; meaning chiefs should ensure people have access to land for the betterment of their livelihoods and of the country.

Meanwhile, NORTH-WESTERN Provincial Permanent Secretary EPHRAIM MATEYO has urged all ethnic groups in the country to respect their cultures and traditions.

He has further assured the NSAKWA YABA KAONDE the government has taken note of their concern and will work with traditional leaders to stop the act of selling land.

Land ownership is a critical in a number of SADC countries that have not yet settles millions of residents displaced by colonial systems, although nations like ZAMBIA have theirs in abundance.

NAMIBIA is struggling to silence growing public protests in demand for accommodation and farming spaces, while beneficiaries of apartheid rule continue to hold on to vast tracts.

Like neighbouring ZIMBABWE, the country is under a willing-buyer-willing-seller contract signed as part of conditions for independence in 1990; which has so far failed to pay off.

The regional powerhouse, SOUTH AFRICA, is on the other hand also facing similar and growing calls for black access to land.

SADC does not have a publicly known strategy to end the volatile issues of land occupation and resettlement in affected countries, even after a wakeup call from the devastating events at the turn of the Century in ZIMBABWE./Sabanews/cam


Officials ferry the dead from Black Mountain (Pic.

KITWE – At least 10 people have been killed after a mound of waste material from refined copper ore collapsed in the WUSAKILA Township in the SECOND largest ZAMBIAN city of KITWE.

The LUSAKA TIMES says another EIGHT people have been injured following the collapse of the heap, infamously known in the area as the BLACK MOUNTAIN.
It says COPPERBELT Province Permanent Secretary BRIGHT NUNDWE has since halted mining operations at the mountain until further notice.
Mr NUNDWE, who has joined the Police as well as the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit at the scene to check on rescue operations, says the accident took place this (WEDNESDAY) morning.
He also says TWO of the injured EIGHT persons are in critical conditions, and the other SIX have are admitted at KITWE Teaching Hospital with multiple injuries.
The TIMES says the mountain allegedly collapsed due to machinery that was excavating on top while people were picking stones below.
It quotes COPPERBELT Police Commissioner CHARITY KATANGA as saying the number of victims may rise, as rescue operations will continue just to ensure no one remains trapped under the slag.
Meanwhile, police have had to intervene as news of the collapsed heap of copper waste spread in the nearby WUSAKILA Township and caused commotion and panic among residents.
The TIMES says PEREZ CHRISTIAN Church in NDOLA has called on the government and other institutions in the country to put up urgent safety measures at the controversial black mountain.
It quotes PEREZ APOSTOLIC Leader ALICK KAPANDULA as saying the Ministry of Mines should re-exam the safety of the mountain, and study the currently threatening situation.
Controversy has always surrounded the copper waste heap due to persistent fighting between members of the public and NKANA ALLOY Company, which owns it.
Former Mines Minister CHRISTOPHER YALUMA last year had to order a suspension of exploration works at the infamous black mountain to allow the authorities to help solve the discord.
ONE researcher says services provided by mining firms varied over the years, from minimal at the beginning in the 1920s to a period of plenty up to the late 1970s when they slowly decline due to depressed world copper prices.
The withdrawal of welfare provision from the mid-1990s has radically changed the well-being of ZAMBIANS and the character of their urban areas, resulting in towns becoming like villages./Sabanews/cam



North Luangwa National Park hippos (Pic. Agencies)

LUSAKA – The opposition GREEN PARTY President PETER SINKAMBA of ZAMBIA has urged the government to abandon plans to kill hippos in the LUANGWA Valley.

He says there are more civilized ways for sustainable management of wildlife than culling, which he describes as a primitive conservation strategy.

The LUSAKA TIMES newspaper says Mr SINKAMBA has been reacting to news about alleged State plans to proceed with an aborted 2016 program.

It says the government scheme had aimed to get rid of some TWO-THOUSAND hippos in the LUANGWA Valley, allegedly for overpopulation.

However, the GREEN PARTY Leader says ZAMBIA needs to learn from other countries like KENYA and TANZANIA about actions to take when faced with wildlife overpopulation and drought conditions.

Mr SINKAMBA says relocation of entrapped animals is ONE modern conservation tool, but the trouble with the PATRIOTIC FRONT Government is lack of leadership with environmental consciousness.

He says what is more appalling is the LUANGWA Valley is not overpopulated as the authorities claim, because the hippo numbers have dropped by about 14 to 20 percent in the last 20 years.

The LUANGWA Valley has THREE national parks including SOUTH LUANGWA National Park, NORTH LUANGWA National Park, and LUAMBE National Park.

Mr SINKAMBA says it is not the only game park in ZAMBIA, which has about 20 national parks and more than 30 game reserves, most of which, in fact, require restocking.

He says a serious environmentally conscious government will opt for relocation than culling, just like nations such as KENYA and TANZANIA relocate their animals when conditions dictate.

Mr SINKAMBA says hippos are not exclusively for LUANGWA Valley, as they can easily be relocated and live anywhere in other parts of the country.

He has offered to help the government organise resources like he has done in the COPPERBELT Environment Project and ZAMBIA Environmental Restoration Project.

Mr SINKAMBA says the State needs to realise mining has run its race and is no longer as beneficial to the nation as it used to be; which makes high-value agriculture and eco-tourism the next most viable sectors.

The ZAMBIAN opposition political leader says the culling policy is motivated by pure greed, because how can you promote eco-tourism when you cull the very animals tourists are expected to come and watch?/Sabanews/cam


Nkonyeni Lodge and Golf Estate Hotel in Manzini District (Pic. Trip Advisor)

MBABANE – President EDGAR LUNGU of ZAMBIA is reportedly set to make SWAZILAND, now known as the KINGDOM OF ESWATINI, his SECOND home.

Media reports claim he plans to build a mansion worth millions of US dollars in the NKONYENI area of MANZINI District.
The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says it has information the stately home will be on Lot 225 of FARM NKONYENI THREE, past SIDVOKODVO area.
It says ZAMBIAN media have already spread the news about the alleged mansion, with opposition parties questioning it and demanding to know how President LUNGU acquired the land.
The TIMES says a leaked architectural plan of the structure reveals it was done by a company known as ARCHITECTS INTERNATIONAL, based in the SWAZI capital of MBABANE.
It says copies of the drawing, already circulating on different social media platforms and online newspapers, show the plan of the building was revised last NOVEMBER.
Meanwhile, ZAMBIAN media quote Information and Broadcasting Minister DORA SILIYA as confirming President LUNGU owns land which the authorities gave him in SWAZILAND.
The DIGGERS NEWS and the ZAMBIA ONLINE allege Minister SILIYA has told a press conference at her offices it is normal for a president to own land in a foreign country.
She says national leaders receive many gifts when they travel, and, in this case, President LUNGU got a piece of land that has been processed has title deeds.
Minister SILIYA says there is nothing sinister about such a development, although some people like to create stories even when there are no stories.
The TIMES says there are reports saying the house planned for the piece of land owned by the ZAMBIAN Leader in SWAZILAND will cost about THREE-MILLION-900-THOUSAND US dollars.
However, the SWAZI TIMES papers from the Deeds Registry Public Information Centre show the area in question comprises about 90 plots owned by INYATSI PROPERTIES Limited.
The records say RUDOLPH Investments initially owned the area, measuring FOUR-THOUSAND-105 square metres approved by the surveyor general in MARCH 2009.
INYATSI PROPERTIES Limited lawfully acquired the property from RUDOLPH Investments via a deed of transfer processed last year through S V MDLADLA AND ASSOCIATES.
The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says efforts to get a comment from ARCHITECTS INTERNATIONAL have failed, after the firm emphasised it does not discuss matters relating to clients./Sabanews/cam



ANKARA – The ZAMBIA Ambassador Designate to TURKEY has assured journalists President EDGAR LUNGA attaches great importance to freedom of the press.

JOSEPH CHILENGI says the attitude of the Head of State towards the media shows in the efforts of his administration to create a conducive environment for media personnel to operate freely.

Ambassador CHILENGI has made the assurance when he addressed FIVE ZNBC staff members receiving training at the TURKISH Radio and Television Network.

ZNBC News says the journalists called on the Envoy at the ZAMBIAN Chancery in the TURKISH capital, ANKARA City in central ANATOLIA Region.

Ambassador CHILENGI has also commended ZNBC for streaming live the 19:00 hours’ news, which he says is an innovation that has helped ZAMBIANS in the diaspora to get accurate and reliable information about their country.

Meanwhile, he has encouraged ZNBC staffers to take interest in the social and economic aspects of TURKEY, so they can package informative and educative news to influence positive decision-making for national development back home.

Ambassador CHILENGI says the Embassy in TURKEY will continue to facilitate training programs for ZNBC in order to improve personnel capacity.

In another development, Information Minister DORA SILIYA says the media has the right to hold the State accountable, but they should avoid forcing people in authority to question their agenda.

The Chief Government Spokesperson has addressed a gathering in KITWE Town to mark the World Press Freedom Day, under the theme: KEEPING POWER IN CHECK, JUSTICE AND THE RULE OF LAW.

Minister SILIYA has defended the introduction of cyber laws, saying they do not mean to limit the media space but to protect members of the public against mistreatment.

She says journalists should implement the self-regulatory body to promote professionalism and responsibility, and she challenges public media managers to design lucrative business models.

Minister SILIYA also says the EDGAR LUNGU Administration will find an answer to the challenges facing the State-controlled ZAMBIA DAILY MAIL and TIMES OF ZAMBIA.

Different officials in the ZAMBIA media groups have attended World Press Freedom Day ceremonies this THURSDAY; calling for improved working conditions for journalists, as well as their protection against muzzling under cyber laws./Sabanews/cam



Neighbouring presidents Joao Lourenco of Angola (Left) and Edgar Lungu of Zambia (Right) (Pic. ZNBC)

LUSAKA – ANGOLA and ZAMBIA have renewed commitment to cooperate in a number of areas including development of the LOBITO Corridor, a transport infrastructure linking the TWO countries.

ZNBC News says the LOBITO Corridor aims at boosting intra-regional trade as well as improving access to markets outside AFRICA.

It says ANGOLA and ZAMBIA have also agreed to explore cooperation in the oil and gas sub sectors, including the construction of an oil pipeline between the TWO SADC nations.

Presidents EDGAR LUNGU of ZAMBIA and JOAO LOURENCO of ANGOLA have further agreed to exchange teachers and lecturers in ENGLISH and PORTUGUESE, which are used in different international forums.

They have also decided to further improve efforts to work closely together under the SADC Organ Troika on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation, to find sustainable and amicable solutions to conflicts in the region.

President LOURENCO has been visiting ZAMBIA and has jointly addressed the ZAMBIA-ANGOLA Business Forum with host President LUNGU.

Both leaders say there is need to increase the levels of bilateral trade, which should be much higher, given the close proximity of the TWO countries to each other and the existing potential.

ZNBC News says President LUNGU has invited traders from ANGOLA to exhibit at the 54TH ZAMBIA International Trade Fair from 27 JUNE to THREE JULY in the northern town of NDOLA.

He says business operators from the neighbouring country should also take part in the 18TH Annual World Export Development Forum that will take place from FIVE to SIX SEPTEMBER in his capital, LUSAKA.

The ZAMBIAN Information Ministry has released to the national broadcaster a joint communique on the TWO-day-long State Visit by the ANGOLAN Head of State.

ANGOLA and ZAMBIA are members of the SADC Region, which aims for economic, political, and social integration of the 15 member countries./Sabanews/cam



LUSAKA – Home Affairs Minister STEPHEN KAMPYONGO of ZAMBIA has called on labour movements to engage the government freely to help address challenges in the security sector.

He says union leaders should also engage the State on some of the issues affecting the men and women in uniform, because they do not belong to any group and have no one to speak for them.

ZNBC News says Minister KAMPYONGO has addressed a gathering to mark the International Workers’ Day at SAINT EDMUNDS Grounds in MAZABUKA.

It quotes him as saying trade unions are well aware of challenges the uniformed personnel go through.

The national broadcaster says Energy Minster MATTHEW NKUWA has also addressed people for the same occasion Labour Day celebrations in CHILANGA District.

It quotes him as saying the State will continue to enhance partnerships in the labour market to attract more investments.

He says such ties have the potential to attract businesses into the country, in its quest for economic growth.

CHILANGA District Commissioner EDITH MUWANA says her area has continued to witness remarkable strides in building development partnerships.

ZAMBIA has held its 2018 International Workers’ Day under the theme: Building Partnership for Sustainable National Development through Decent Job Creation and Social Justice./Sabanews/cam