ZANZIBAR CITY – The President of the TANZANIAN semi-autonomous islands of ZANZIBAR has called on people in his country to stop occupy land illegally.

City street in Zanzibar (Pic. Getty Pictures)

ALI MOHAMED SHEIN says his government will not tolerate law abusers, and it will not fold its hands as criminals set up homes in protected and non-residential areas.

The DAILY NEWS says his comments come after a trip to a FOUR-POINT-THREE-hectare plot reserved for the ZANZIBAR High Court at TUNGUU in the Central District, in South UNGUJA.

President SHEIN has expressed dismay after disturbing reports saying a number of people have invaded the area.

He says the authorities and residents should not allow such acts, because it is against the law to grab State land reserved for socio-economic development projects.

The ZANZIBAR Archipelago in the INDIAN Ocean, 25 kilometres off the Coast of Mainland TANZANIA, comprises many small islands – the largest of them being UNGUJA and PEMBA.

The 2002 Census, the most recent, shows the ZANZIBAR population at 984-THOUSAND-625, with about TWO-THIRDS of the people living on UNGUJA or ZANZIBAR Island, most of them settled in the densely populated west.

Besides ZANZIBAR CITY, other towns on UNGUJA include CHAANI, CHWAKA, MBWENI, MANGAPWANI, and NUNGWI; while outside the urban centres most people live in small villages of farmers and fishermen.

ZANZIBAR has diverse ethnic origins, with the FIRST permanent residents seeming to have been the ancestors of the BANTU, HADIMU, and TUMBATU, who began arriving from the AFRICAN Great Lakes mainland around AD-ONE-THOUSAND.

However, President SHEIN says all ZANZIBAR land is under the government and nobody has the right to occupy open areas on the islands unlawfully.

He has urged people to follow the right procedures whenever they want to reside anywhere, saying persons who invaded and built houses in the area have breached the law and have to vacate.

The ZANZIBAR Leader has commended SOUTH UNGUJA Regional Commissioner for removing the trespassers, saying the State never permitted use of the area for residential purposes./Sabanews/cam



The dangerous plank road on Huashan (Pic. Ancient Origins)

NGORONGORO – The authorities in the NGORONGORO Conservation Area in Northern TANZANIA are planning to build ONE of the most scaring gangplank bridges in the world.

The DAILY NEWS says the structure, running over the active OLDONYO L’ENGAI volcanic mountain, is likely to be more frightening than the HUASHAN Trail of CHINA.

It quotes Engineer JOSHUA MWANKUNDE as saying they have already mapped the potential area to build the 15-kilometre-long overpass.

It will link the MOUNTAIN OF GOD, as OLDONYO LENGAI in NGARESERO is known, to the EMPAAKAI Crater in the NGORONGORO Conservation Area, giving daring tourists a thrilling adventure of a lifetime.

Engineer MWANKUNDE, Manager In-Charge of the newly established NGORONGORO-LENGAI Geopark, has revealed the plans during the FIRST Tourism Investors’ Forum the Area Authority has organised.

The gathering, jointly held with the TANZANIA ASSOCIATION OF TOUR OPERATORS and HOTEL ASSOCIATION OF TANZANIA, aims to discuss ways to increase tourism ventures.

Natural Resources and Tourism Deputy Minister JAPHET HASUNGA has opened the forum, saying improvised attractions support the State plans to record TWO-MILLION tourists by 2020.

Meanwhile, the DAILY NEWS says the revival of the national carrier, AIR TANZANIA, has seen tourism players setting up more lodges, hotels, and campsites in the NGORONGORO-LENGAI Geopark.

It says AIR TANZANIA officials have recently announced plans to roll out the proposed DAR ES SALAAM-BEIJING route, shortly after the national flag carrier acquired its new BOEING 787 DREAMLINER.

More than 25 different firms specialising in travel, tourism, and hospitality industries have come up with the initiative hoping the revived airliner will bring in more visitors.

They expect to attract people from the FAR EAST, mainly the CHINESE who like geological formations, spellbinding views and topography as opposed to the Western visitors who prefer wildlife.

Association of Tour Operators Chairperson WILL CHAMBULO says the NASERA Rock, ONE of the giant stones in the Northern Zone, can make good camping site for tourists.

However, he says they will have to move the nearby road connecting the NGORONGORO Conservation Area with LOLIONDO, further to ensure the location has the required privacy for tented abodes.

The DAILY NEWS says the NGORONGORO Conservation Area Authority recently got the mandate to set up the national geological form of tourism known as Geopark.

It says the Authority has so far listed the NGORONGORO-LENGAI Geopark in association with the EUROPEAN UNION (EU) and UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, UNESCO.

TANZANIA is the SECOND AFRICAN country to have a Geopark after MOROCCO, and the government of CHINA has recently given about 10-MILLION-964-THOUSAND US dollars to boost development of the new type of tourism./Sabanews/cam


ZANZIBAR President Ali Mohamed Shein (Pic. Daily News)

NORTH UNGUJA – The Vice-Chairman for ZANZIBAR in the ruling CHAMA CHA MAPINDUZI Party of TANZANIA has given a stern warning to underperforming lawmakers and councillors in his semi-autonomous country.

ALI MOHAMED SHEIN, who is the President of ZANZIBAR, says such people will not get another chance to represent the party in the 2020 general elections.

The DAILY NEWS says he has ordered his party regional and district political committees in North UNGUJA Region to assess the performance of their MPs, Representatives, and Councillors.

It says the evaluation will focus on efficient execution of the CHAMA CHA MAPINDUZI 2015-to-2020 Election Manifesto and will deny nomination forms for the next elections to failures.

President SHEIN says MPs, Representatives, and Councillors are obliged to oversee a fruitful implementation of the party election manifesto in their respective constituencies and wards, and the requirement is not an option.

The daily newspaper says he has issued the stern warning during an intra-party meeting with CHAMA CHA MAPINDUZI 10-cell leaders in the North-A District in North UNGUJA.

President SHEIN says any elected leader who will not fulfil his or her election promises should not get another chance to bear the party flag in the 2020 polls.

He emphasises the ruling party will have no mercy with political flops, saying nominating failures will undermine CHAMA CHA MAPINDUZI chances of winning enough seats in the National Assembly.

President SHEIN has made the remarks in response to a statement by North UNGUJA Party Chairman IDD ALI AME, saying the political committee had received complaints against non-performing leaders during a regional tour to strengthen the party.

Mr AME says the regional political committee visited NINE constituencies within the region and met voters who complained about leaders who had failed to honour pledges they made during the 2015 General Elections.

President SHEIN says the TANZANIAN CHAMA CHA MAPINDUZI has confidence in 10-cell leaders, who play a crucial role to maintain the party’s winning position during elections, and are close to the citizens, creating a bond with the voters.

ZANZIBAR is a semi-autonomous region of TANZANIA and comprises the mainland, many small islands and TWO large ones – UNGUJA, the main island referred to informally as ZANZIBAR, and the PEMBA Island./Sabanews/cam



Africa shaking off the Dark-Continent label

LIVINGSTONE – ZAMBIA has called on the SADC countries to ensure cooperation between TWO major forums in the region if the economic bloc is achieve success in its energy programs.

ZAMBIAN Energy Minister MATTHEW NKHUWA says the Southern AFRICAN Power Pool, SAPP, and the SADC Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency should work together.

ZNBC News says he has made the call in a speech read on his behalf by SOUTHERN PROVINCE Minister EDIFY HAMUKALE, at the 50TH SAPP Management Committee Meeting in LIVINGSTONE Town.

It quotes Minister NKHUWA as saying energy efficiency and renewable energy are areas that SADC values.

However, he says the region depends heavily on hydro generated power that leaves it exposed to inconsistent supply of electricity due to Climate Change effects.

The Managing Director of the ZAMBIA Electricity Supply Company says his country now has a national Grid Code, which enables it to offer choice of supply for customers and ensure competition among producers.

VICTOR MUNDENDE says most domestic private enterprises continue to take part in the electricity supply industry through power purchase agreements or power supply agreements with his institution.

COPPERBELT Energy Corporation Managing Director OWEN SILAVWE has also attended the 50TH SAPP Management Committee Meeting, and has pledged his firm’s commitment to help increase electricity generation capacity in the country.

The SADC Summit held in AUGUST 1995 in SOUTH AFRICA created SAPP, after member governments, excluding MAURITIUS, signed a deal to form the Power Pool.

Energy ministers also approved the formation of the SADC Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency and decided it would be hosted by NAMIBIA./Sabanews/cam



Towards cheaper air travel on the Continent

ADDIS ABABA – At least 23 AFRICAN countries have signed an agreement to set up the Single AFRICAN Air Transport Market, SAATM, with the aim to reduce air travel costs.

SOUTH AFRICAN SABC News says the move comes after people of the Continent have, for years, paid sky-high airfares when travelling within AFRICA.

It says the AFRICAN UNION has launched the major aviation trade agreement to change the situation, by allowing the airlines of signatory countries to access each other’s airports freely.

AU Chairperson, President PAUL KAGAME of RWANDA, has revealed the move at the launch of SAATM on the sidelines of the recent AU Summit in ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA.

He says the market is vital for the overall development of the continent, where international air links between many cities are expensive or non-existent.

SABC News also quotes a 2010 World Bank study as saying air travel between AFRICAN countries has for years, been governed by a relatively small number of bilateral agreements.

The report says the situation has been a legacy of the post-colonial era when air carriers from newly independent states connected chiefly with their former colonial powers.

It says many AFRICAN countries restrict their air services markets to protect the shares of national carriers, but the new deal hopes to reduce airfares and increase the number of direct air connections.

The SOUTH AFRICAN Representative to the International Civil Aviation Organisation has told the media companies can now freely access all countries in the single market, without relying anymore on bilateral agreements, whether they exist or not.



Nevertheless, SABC News says the group is hosting some of the continent’s busiest airports, including JOHANNESBURG, CAPE TOWN, CAIRO, LAGOS, and NAIROBI.

The new single air travel market comes as a priority of the AU Agenda 2063 for a peaceful and prosperous AFRICA, and the AU Chairperson says work is ongoing to apply TWO other planks of the Blueprint: a free trade zone and a single AFRICAN passport./Sabanews/cam



Fishing on Lake Victoria

KAMPALA – The giant Lake VICTORIA in East AFRICA and its largest source of water, the KAGERA River, are under threat by a high rate of pollution.

The DAILY NEWS of TANZANIA says the situation is now worrying all the authorities in the region.

It quotes the Chairperson of the EAST AFRICAN HEADS OF STATE Summit, President YOWERI MUSEVENI of UGANDA, as saying they want immediate action to save the water bodies.

EAC Chairperson President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda

The Summit groups heads of nations in the EAST AFRICAN COMMUNITY, EAC, comprising KENYA, UGANDA, TANZANIA, BURUNDI and RWANDA with headquarters in ARUSHA, TANZANIA.

President MUSEVENI says the leaders are all worried by the continued destruction around and within the TWO important water bodies that link almost all the countries in economic bloc.

He has addressed the East AFRICAN Legislative Assembly sessions held in the UGANDAN capital, KAMPALA, saying the legislators should promote the protection of the resources.

President MUSEVENI says River KAGERA and Lake VICTORIA are both polluted by, and continue to face the wrath of irresponsible human activities around the banks and shores.

He says the authorities in East AFRICA must unite and ensure people protect the water bodies by planting trees around them to help filter the water they receive.

Lake VICTORIA waters KENYA, UGANDA and TANZANIA, and boasts a surface area of about 70-THOUSAND square kilometres.

It is the largest water body in AFRICA, as well as the world largest tropical lake and the SECOND largest freshwater lake by surface area, after Lake SUPERIOR in CANADA.

KAGERA River, stretching for more than 400 kilometres through BURUNDI, RWANDA, TANZANIA and UGANDA, pours SIX-POINT-FOUR-BILLION cubic metres of water into the lake every year./Sabanews/cam


When disaster strikes, women and children suffer most
HARARE – Governments in the SADC Region have been urged to improve on information sharing to ensure communities are evacuated on time when weather-related disasters strike.
The Southern AFRICAN Research and Documentation Centre, SARDC, says people expect increased moisture to improve cropping, but floods can destroy crops and disturb food security.
It says excessive rainfall may also increase the incidences of malaria and water-borne diseases in the region as well as the possibility of damage to infrastructure due to flooding.
SARDC says ONE of the challenges still affecting SADC member states is the lack of current and reliable data on possible weather scenarios, resulting in many people getting killed or becoming homeless.
It says there is also need to retrofit, or to add new technology or features to, public infrastructure such as schools – as they act as both centres of learning and as sanctuaries in cases of emergencies such as floods.
The Centre says River Basin Organisations, like the ZAMBEZI WATERCOURSE COMMISSION, ZAMCOM, are making efforts to improve the sharing of information on water flow and climate conditions.
ZAMCOM is in the process of strengthening information sharing in the EIGHT Basin States: ANGOLA, BOTSWANA, MALAWI, MOZAMBIQUE, NAMIBIA, TANZANIA, ZAMBIA and ZIMBABWE.
The involved nations share the data through the ZAMBEZI Water Resources Information System Enhancement THREE: Hydro-meteorological Database and Decision Support System, or ZAMWIS-DSS.
The SARDC says the main objective of the ZAMWIS-DSS is to support the promotion and coordination of the management and development of resources of the ZAMBEZI Watercourse in a sustainable and climate-resilient manner.
Authorities expect that once the system is completed, riparian states will be able to respond better to flood hazards in the future; and the region is taking another measure to set up village-based response systems to respond to floods.
The alert system includes the use of traditional knowledge systems in raising awareness through civic education, like, for example, the appearance of large populations of ants will indicate occurrence of floods.
Weather and other experts say floods may present opportunities to the SADC Region if countries start prioritizing water harvesting projects to harness rains and use the water for agricultural purposes in future, especially during drought years./Sabanews/cam


JOHANNESBURG – The AU Partnership and Coordination Forum on AIDS, TB and Malaria has reviewed the draft Common AFRICA Position on TB for the UN General Assembly High Level Meeting in 2018.
A statement from the continental group says the Draft Common Position on TB was last month reviewed by the Ministry of Health TB Program Managers in HARARE, ZIMBABWE.
It says the document focuses on SIX pillars: leadership, country ownership, governance and accountability; universal and equitable access to prevention, diagnosis, treatment, care and support.
Others are access to affordable and quality assured medicines, commodities and technologies; research and innovation; health financing and strategic information; promoting leadership, country ownership, governance and accountability.
The draft calls for sustained political commitment and for increased leadership, ownership, integration, governance and management of TB programs to promote accountability.
It further calls on governments to intensify TB responses through working with AFRICAN leaders as champions, cross-sector partnerships, increased oversight and accountability, improved monitoring, evaluation and reporting.
The AU says while recognising structural and operational barriers to achieve universal access, the draft calls for Member States to scale up TB programs to reach, find, treat and cure all people with the killer disease.
It also calls for Multi Drug Resistant TB to be declared a global emergency and health security threat, to ensure it can be addressed properly in most affected countries.
The draft calls for access to TB services in congested settings, high risk areas like prisons, mines and areas affected by conflict and humanitarian emergencies, to help guarantee no one is left behind.
The Common AFRICA Position calls for governments to pursue new innovations and ensure access to affordable and quality assured medicines, commodities and technologies for TB.
The draft says governments should strengthen ties with research institutions to enhance innovation and evidence-informed policies and programs as well as increased investments in research and innovation.
AFRICA will also push for increased domestic and international funding to health through innovative financing mechanisms, social health insurance schemes and increased allocations at various levels.
The Common AFRICA Position also calls for improved data to inform policy and programs for TB, while the AU Commission has lined up various consultation conferences ahead of the UN meeting.
TB is spread through the air from person to person, when a patient coughs, sneezes, speaks, or sings; and people nearby may breathe in the bacteria and become infected./Sabanews/cam



ZANZIBAR CITY – Members of the ZANZIBAR House of Representatives have been advised to avoid abuse of social media and the internet, especially use of emotional and offensive statements.

The DAILY NEWS says officers from the Communications Regulatory Authority have made the call during a seminar on the Cyber Crime Act 2015, learnt about the law before its application extends to the Islands.

The lawmakers have hard why the law was introduced, its challenges in implementation on the Mainland, different types of crimes under the law, and ethical behaviour when online.

ZANZIBAR comprises the INDIAN Ocean islands of ZANZIBAR, or UNGUJA, as well as PEMBA and 48 others, which joined TANGANYIKA in 1964 to form the United Republic of TANZANIA, but is a semi-autonomous territory with its own Parliament and President.

TANZANIA Communications Regulatory Authority Senior Legal Officer PHILIP FILIKUNJOMBE has told the ZANZIBARI lawmakers to observe ethics, even when they are attacked.

He says they should not respond using offensive language because they may also be committing a crime.

TANZANIA National Assembly Speaker ZUBEIR ALI MAULID has told the legislators they need to understand the Cyber Crime Act and communicate the message to their respective constituencies to minimize offences on the fast growing online and social media.

Cyber Crimes are different offences committed online, using the internet through computers, laptops, tablets, internet-enabled televisions, game consoles and smart phones.

The TANZANIA Cyber crimes Act 2015 makes provisions for criminalising offences related to computer systems, although the law already enforced on the Mainland, is not fully operational in ZANZIBAR./Sabanews/cam