Hyena man out of jail

BLANTYRE – An HIV-positive MALAWIAN man who has been serving a sentence for having ritual sex with more than 100 women and girls is now out of prison.

ERIC ANIVA is HYENA, a traditional title in some parts of the SOUTHERN Region held by a man paid to initiate young women into adulthood through sex.

Cultural researchers say the man has sex with children between the ages of 12 and 17, as a part of a ceremony of passage called KUSASA FUMBI or brushing off the dust; meaning sexual cleansing.

They say the THREE-day-long ritual is believed to prevent disease, since HYENAS are said to be immune to diseases such as HIV and AIDS; although of course some catch fall sick.

The outdated ceremony can place the young girls at risk of HIV infection because the HYENA has sexual intercourse with all the girls; and the ritual requires the exchange of sexual fluids.

The NYASA TIMES says the BLANTYRE Magistrate’s Court in NOVEMBER 2016 jailed ANIVA for TWO years on charges of indulging in harmful cultural practices against the law.

It quotes his Lawyer, MICHEAL GOBA CHIPETA, as saying the former 47-year-old convict has been out of prison since DECEMBER 2017 after he served his full sentence.

ANIVA appeared in a BBC feature in which he confessed to having sex with 104 women and girls, prompting President PETER MUTHARIKA to order his arrest and that of all HYENAS.

Sexual cleansing exposes girls and women to HIV infection

Sexual cleansing involving HYENAS is known as Kulowa Kufa, a practice in which women take part at different points in their life, including if their husband has died or if they have an abortion.

Primitive-thinking families send young girls to initiation camps before puberty to learn how to have sex, over THREE days after their FIRST period, supposedly to avoid infection with their parents or the rest of the community.

Generally, sexual cleansing is an outdated AFRICAN tradition practiced in parts of KENYA, ZAMBIA, MALAWI, UGANDA, TANZANIA, MOZAMBIQUE, ANGOLA, IVORY COAST, and CONGO./Sabanews/cam



Depression can lead to mental health problems

DUZE – A woman in the LUBOMBO Region of Central SWAZILAND has killed herself allegedly after her husband decided to end their THREE-year-old marriage.

The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says the deceased, only named as THEMBI, had also tried but failed to kill her 12-month-old daughter.

It says she committed suicide by taking the deadly weevil tablets, a pesticide that contains aluminium phosphide and emits phosphine gas, which she also gave the toddler.

The newspaper says the late 39-year-old mother killed herself in KAJIMBA Area of SIPHOFANENI Town.

It further quotes family members as saying THEMBI had a misunderstanding with her 31-year-old husband, also only named as MANDLA, after he allegedly wanted to divorce her.

The TWO are said to have been married between 2014 and 2015, through the SWAZI Law and Customs; and a daughter was born from the union.

Relatives say after being informed of plans to end the marriage, THEMBI found it difficult to come to terms with the development as she had high hopes for the relationship.

They also say before her death, THEMBI had travelled with her husband and child from their house at PIGG’S PEAK to SIPHOFANENI, the home of the husband’s parents.

The couple reportedly had an argument that forced the husband to alight from the public transport they were using before reaching their destination; and it was their last time together.

Meanwhile, earlier media reports say about 125 people, 102 of them men and 23 women between the ages of 13 and 23, committed suicide in 2017.

ONE publication quotes National Psychiatric Hospital Administrator VIOLET MUWANJE as saying most of the cases were a result of depression.

The official says about 18 percent of the ONE-MILLION-343-THOUSAND people in SWAZILAND have attempted to kill themselves, and only FOUR-POINT-FIVE percent of them have survived the suicides./Sabanews/cam



Seychelles Police fight drug trafficking

VICTORIA – Police in SEYCHELLES have arrested a KENYAN woman allegedly found with 210 grams of cocaine.

SEYCHELLES News Agency says MARIETTA ANYANGO has appeared before a Magistrate’s Court, which remanded her until mid-APRIL.

It says she faces charges of conspiracy to import controlled drugs, importation of a controlled drug and trafficking in controlled drugs; and she is due to return to court on 16 APRIL.

The news agency quotes an officer of the Anti-Narcotics Bureau as saying Ms ANYANGO arrived in SEYCHELLES last FRIDAY aboard an ETHIOPIAN Airlines flight.

The official says the authorities arrested the KENYAN woman while she was going through the scanner at the airport, after they detected the drugs in her private part.

A statement from the Anti-Narcotics Bureau says the arrest of the suspect has been due to good alliance and exchange of information between the TWO countries in the fight against narcotics.

It says further investigations are ongoing in pursuing other associates involved in the case.

Meanwhile, the JAMHURI News of KENYA quotes an officer privy to the investigations as saying the accomplices are in the KENYAN capital, NAIROBI, where the drugs were packed.

JAMHURI News also says the suspects are among a number of KENYANS who have been arrested in the last few months for being in possessions of drugs.

A KENYA Airways cabin crew was arrested in JANUARY after being found in possession of narcotics believed to be heading to CHINA.

SEYCHELLES authorities say drug running is so well organised that the drug lords have links to some of the most feared global drug groups, a position of influence which would make traffickers in EUROPE envious./Sabanews/cam



Ban on South African processed meats lifted

LUSAKA – ZAMBIA has, with immediate effect lifted the embargo on ready-to-eat meats imported from SOUTH AFRICA.

However, Health Minister CHITALU CHILUFYA says foods from the SOUTH AFRICAN companies, ENTERPRISE FOODS and RAINBOW CHICKEN, remain banned from entering ZAMBIA.

He has told ZNBC News in the capital, LUSAKA, the new move comes after laboratory tests on risky foods from SOUTH AFRICA and ZAMBIA have shown no signs of listeriosis.

Minister CHILUFYA says his Ministry will continue to monitor risky foods, but encourages people to seek immediate medical attention should they experience symptoms of listeriosis.

Medical experts say signs of the listeria disease include fever, muscle aches, nausea and diarrhoea, and in severe cases, headaches, stiff neck, confusion, loss of balance or convulsion.

The SOUTH AFRICAN Ministry of Health declared listeriosis outbreak on the FRIST of this JANUARY after the death of 183 people out of a total 967 confirmed cases in the SADC country./Sabanews/cam



A community school class in Zambia

CHAWAMA – The authorities in ZAMBIA have been urged to support children from poor communities in their search for education.

ZNBC News says the call comes from Policy Monitoring and Research Centre Executive Director BENADETTE DEKA.

It says she has led a team from the group to paint a Teen and Youth Ablaze community school in the CHAWAMA Township of the capital, LUSAKA.

Ms DEKA says there is a lot of potential that needs to be tapped from children in high-density compounds and remote areas.

She says education should be a priority for everyone, regardless of where they are coming from, if the country is to address the issues of poverty.

Ms DEKA has applauded the young people of CHAWAMA for starting up a community school, which she says will go a long way in promoting elementary education in the country.

She also calls on other youths to emulate what the owners of TAYA Community School have done, a project likely to add to the number of children attending school.

The Centre’s Research and Analysis Head, SALIM KAUNDA, has called on all ZAMBIANS to support the initiative by the youths.

The ZAMBIAN Policy Monitoring and Research Centre is a public policy think tank established in 2012 to promote public understanding through research and education./Sabanews/cam



Winnie Madikizela-Mandela

WINDHOEK – The ruling SWAPO Party of NAMIBIA has sent a condolence message to all SOUTH AFRICANS following the death of liberation icon, WINNIE MADIKIZELA-MANDELA.

Secretary-General SOPHIA SHANINGWA has described the late Ms MADIKIZELA-MANDELA as a fearless freedom fighter whose mission was to end apartheid and colonialism in her country.

Ms SHANINGWA says Ms MADIKIZELA-MANDELA was ONE of the brave women who fearlessly confronted the enemy head on.

She says during the imprisonment of her former husband, the late former President NELSON MANDELA, Ms MADIKIZELA-MANDELA apartheid authorities jailed and placed her in solitary confinement.

Ms SHANINGWA also says the legacy Ms MADIKIZELA-MANDELA has left will continue to inspire women the world over, given her contribution to the liberation struggle.

Ms MADIKIZELA-MANDELA, widely known as Mother of the SOUTH AFRICAN Nation, died at the age of 81 after a long illness at the MILPARK Hospital in the commercial capital, JOHANNESBURG.

Meanwhile, media reports from SOUTH AFRICA say the ruling AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS has plans for 10-day-long activities meant to honour the late revolutionary.

They say ANC Secretary-General ACE MAGASHULE has visited MADIKIZELA-MANDELA’s home for discussions on the major events with the family.

SABC News quotes President CYRIL RAMAPHOSA as saying the late Ms MADIKIZELA-MANDELA will get an official burial on 14 APRIL.

The Head of State says there will be an official memorial service on the 11TH of this month, as well as many other commemorative functions in almost every province of SOUTH AFRICA./Sabanews/cam



Former “Life President” now without security?

HARARE – The Government of ZIMBABWE has reportedly recalled all security personnel and other workers allocated to former President ROBERT MUGABE.

Unconfirmed media reports say the move has also affected his daughter, BONA CHIKORE, and the TWO sons CHATUNGA and ROBERT Junior who are living in neighbouring SOUTH AFRICA.

They say Mr MUGABE and family have also lost the privilege of State-paid staff in foreign countries like SINGAPORE and other locations.

If true, it then means the 94-year-old former Head of State will no longer enjoy the service of security personnel and other workers on government payroll.

The development comes after Mr MUGABE addressed the media recently and described his NOVEMBER 2017 departure from office as a coup, accusing his successor of leading an illegal government.

Mr MUGABE last year dismissed President MNANGAGWA after FIRST Lady GRACE MUGABE accused the former Vice President of fomenting divisions in ZANU PF and plotting to topple her husband.

The removal of President MNANGAGWA from both government and the ruling party was to  precede mass dismissals of top civil servants and military staff accused of association with him.

The good old days, as they came to an end

However, the soldiers quickly moved in and launched what they dubbed Operation Restore Legacy and ZANU PF recalled Mr MUGABE from office and threatened to impeach him in case of resistance.

The then Army Commander General CONSTANTINO CHIWENGA, now Vice President, said security forces had no plans to take over government but had to intervene due to political developments threatening national security.

Mr MUGABE wrote a letter of resignation to Parliament Speaker JACOB MUDENDA after massive demonstrations nationwide in support of the call for him to step down.

And it became a New Dispensation

President MNANGAGWA took over power on 24 NOVEMBER, promising to forgive his predecessor and allow him all benefits befitting a former Head of State.

However, his former leader and mentor has refused to recognise his new role as he reportedly has teamed up with a group of fugitive former ZANU PF heavyweights plotting to launch a fight.

The developments in ZIMBABWE have raised speculations that the ousted former President for 37 years will not let the country rest until his currently unknown favourite candidate takes over the seat he left at State House./Sabanews/cam


Raleigh Fitkin Hospital
MANZINI – The family a woman who died recently at the RALEIGH FITKIN Memorial Hospital after a shot illness are crying foul over the manner the medical centre handled the illness.
The daughter of the late 52-year-old NCAMSILE MALINDZA says they even suspect their mother was stacked away in the morgue while she was still alive.
BONAKELE LANGA says the late woman fell sick last MONDAY night while they were at home in the MALIYADUMA Area in the commercial capital, MANZINI.
The family had to call paramedics with an ambulance after her illness got worse before daybreak and she was ferried to the hospital.
Ms LANGA alleges the emergency staff asked them why they brought the patient at night, complaining that they could not attend to her because since there was no doctor on call.
She says they decided to take care of their mother until TUESDAY morning when a doctor would be available to see her; but a nurse turned up to attend to her, as no doctor had come.
However, the nursing staff threw out the family out of the ward when the doctor finally surfaced on WEDNESDAY morning, although they would have liked to see her treated.
Only after about TWO hours, a nurse approached the waiting relatives with the news that Mama MALINDZA had died, but they could not go in to see her body until the funeral parlour people came.
Ms LANGA says the incident confused them because they had not even see the physician who attended to their mother, and they had no idea what the medical team had done to her.
Worse still, DUPS Funeral Home personnel refused them access to the body at the parlour despite a promise made at the hospital: which had rushed to release the body to the parlour before other relatives arrived.
Ms LANGA says some of the relatives had heard their mother yelling as her supposed dead body was taken out of the vehicle, but DUPS Funeral Home workers dismissed the claim
The workers told the relatives a staff member had been shocked by the size of the body and yelled, but the mourners remained concerned because those who had touched the body had found it warm as if still alive.
Ms LANGA says while they reluctantly let it go, new doubts emerged when the parlour workers again refused to let them clean the body before placing it in a coffin; saying they would see bodies of other people.
Moreover, when they finally managed to access the remains of her mother on FRIDAY, they allegedly found the body, which had not gone under post-mortem, with bloodstains on the face and back, with more blood coming out of her mouth.
After failing to solve the puzzle, the SWAZI family finally decided to bury their mother, whom they believe was wrongly declared dead before being sent to the morgue and only reported the matter to the police./Sabanews/cam



Attorney General HELDER PITTA GROZ (Pic. ANGOP)

LUANDA – Attorney General HELDER PITTA GROZ of ANGOLA has pledged commitment to lead the fight against corruption and suppression of money laundering.

ANGOLA Press Agency, ANGOP, says he has made the declaration before delegates to the opening of the 24TH General Consultative Council of the Attorney General’s Office.

It quotes Mr GRÓZ as saying it is vital to meet the public expectations created during the electoral campaign of President JOAO LOURENÇO regarding the fight against dishonesty and impunity.

He has repeated the words of the Head of State saying no one is so rich or powerful to feel above the Law, and no one is so poor or devoid of property that they cannot be defended by the Law.

Mr GROZ says the inauguration of the new President in SEPTEMBER 2017 was the beginning of a dream of creating a more just society and hoping for better days.

He says his Office stands to guard against lawlessness, defend collective interests, rights, and freedoms, as well as to investigate corruption or fraud by public agents and prevent money laundering.

Meanwhile, Mr GROZ has issued a statement read on his behalf by Deputy Attorney General MOTA LIZ to the press at the end of a meeting with a specialised commission of legislators.

He says the days of impunity are over; as the authorities will soon go after public officials who fail to declare assets and incomes, after having improved their technical and human capacity to handle case by case to fish out offenders.

The ANGOLAN Attorney General says the move to have all State officials declare their wealth helps the country fight against corruption and create public confidence in government institutions./Sabanews/cam



The map of Tanzania

DAR ES SALAAM – TANZANIA says it is planning to set up a network comprising professionals who will teach the KiSWAHILI language worldwide.

Information Minister HARRISON MWAKYEMBE says the government will create a database of KiSWAHILI teachers to popularise the language internationally.

He has told the Public Service and Social Development Parliamentary Committee the State is researching to find out the exact available number of such professionals.

Minister MWAKYEMBE says the exercise aims to enable the authorities allocate teachers across the globe, thereby creating more job opportunities within and outside the country.

Historically, KiSWAHILI was and remains part of the BANTU languages like IsiZULU, ChiSHONA, KiKUYU and others.

Researchers say the language is not a kind of mixture of ARABIC and AFRICAN languages, a kind of creole born out of trade and intermarriages along the INDIAN Ocean coast of AFRICA, as sailors of the 15TH to the 19TH centuries believed like many people still do.

The NORDIC Journal of AFRICAN Studies says such a belief is far from the linguistic and historical discoveries of today, which show all the AFRICAN people were neighbours more than 10-THOUSAND years ago.

The group now known as the AFROASIANS lived in the north, next to the NEGRO people, with PYGMIES in the forest and the BUSHMEN freely roaming the eastern and southern savannas of East and Southern AFRICA.

The NORDIC Journal says the languages spoken by all the NEGRO peoples are related and they probably spoke one language some FIVE to SIX-THOUSAND years ago.

However, the common language began to change as the people discovered agriculture and started moving in groups further and further from each other to found new settlements and farms.

The publication says NEGROS adopted KiSWAHILI as ONE of their languages, according to evidence showing it is what is known as an agglutinating class language, whose particles or morphs are glued together to form words or sentences.

It says KiSWAHILI, therefore, shares not only grammatical forms with the other BANTU languages, but also a large measure of vocabulary items with all the about 640 languages in the BANTU family.

It also says KiSWAHILI is now a language of all the peoples in East and Central AFRICA, and not just of MUSLIMS on the coast or of north versus south.

The CORNELL International Law Journal says it is the language of national business in TANZANIA; and while it is a mother tongue to some 10 percent of the population, about 90 percent is bilingual in KiSWAHILI and a vernacular./Sabanews/cam