Women and children are often the most exposed to trafficking (Pic. Agencies)

WINDHOEK – The WINDHOEK High Court in NAMIBIA has delayed to FOUR JUNE the trial of a woman facing charges of human trafficking and sexual exploitation of a minor.

NBC News says Judge NAOMI SHIVUTE has made the decision to allow the State to arrange for a victim-friendly court.

It says TUUFILWA NDAWINA JONAS (32) allegedly deceived a 15-year-old girl from OKAHENGE Village in the northern region of OMUSATI with promises of employment.

She allegedly took the child to OKAHANDJA City in OTJOZONDJUPA Region, Central NAMIBIA, 70 kilometres north of the capital, WINDHOEK.

The State claims the suspect forced the 15-year-old to move in with JOHN PUARIUNE as his sex partner, to cover for her bus fare of 200 NAMIBIA dollars (about 16 US dollars).

Ms JONAS allegedly also took the minor to another house to live with yet another man, and the kid fell pregnant.

Earlier media reports say the accused approached the schoolgirl in APRIL 2012 and convinced her to leave school so as to take up a job available in OKAHANDJA City.

The NAMIBIAN newspaper says Ms JONAS had allegedly promised to get a girl for Mr PUARIUNE, the FIRST man to rape the minor in this case.

Judge SHIVUTE has set the trial to run from the FOURTH to the 14TH of next month, while Ms JONAS remains in custody at the KLEIN WINDHOEK Police Station holding cells.

The country reportedly is a place of origin, transit, and destination for foreign and local children as well as women, and possibly for men, trafficked for forced labour and forced prostitution.

NAMIBIAN rural women and children, even orphans, are the most exposed to traffickers who lure them to urban centres and commercial farms with promises of genuine work for good wages they may never receive./Sabanews/cam



Former Commerce Minister (now Finance Minister) Margaret Mwanakatwe launches Go-now Zambia Motor Vehicle Assembly in December 2016 (Pic. Zambia Daily Mail)

LUSAKA – ZAMBIA says it is expecting to be power sufficient within the next 10 years.

Energy Minister MATTHEW NKHUWA says more investors have expressed interest to invest in the sector.

He has told ZNBC News in an interview the country aims at intensifying production in areas marked for electricity production through its various power generation projects.

Minister NKHUWA says the authorities are also working on plans to start nuclear power generation.

The State expects implementation of such projects to go a long way in building the generation and supply capacity of power needed for the national economy to thrive.

Meanwhile, the government has released 45-MILLION kwacha (about FOUR-MILLION-495-THOUSAND US dollars) for the completion of the substation in the LUSAKA SOUTH Multi-Facility Economic Zone.

The LUSAKA SOUTH Multi-Facility Economic Zone Managing Director says completion of the substation is bound to attract many companies to set up business in the area.

MUKELA LUBASI has spoken to ZNBC News in the capital, LUSAKA, saying the Multi-Facility Economic Zone is now focusing on infrastructure development to make it more attractive to investors.

She says the project has this year signed FOUR agreements worth 10-MILLION US dollars with investors.

Ms LUBASI says the Multi-Facility Economic Zone has offered land worth ONE-BILLION-400-MILLION dollars to 43 companies, 10 of which are already on the ground.

The ZAMBIAN official has since called on local and foreign firms to take advantage of the government incentives and invest in the LUSAKA SOUTH Multi-Facility Economic Zone.

The Government of ZAMBIA introduced the Multi-Facility Economic Zone program in 2005 through JAPAN International Corporation Agency./Sabanews/cam



Basters commemorate Battle of Sam Khubis (Pic. Namibian Sun)

REHOBOTH – The REHOBOTH BASTER community in Central NAMIBIA has been engaged in a series of activities to prepare for the Battle of SAM KHUBIS today (TUESDAY).

The BASTERS are said to be an ethnic group whose ancestors were EUROPEAN settlers and indigenous AFRICAN women from the DUTCH CAPE Colony who speak AFRIKAANS.

They are generally the NAMIBIAN equivalent or subgroup of the coloureds of SOUTH AFRICA, bearing the same racially mixed Black and AFRIKANER ancestry.

Each year on EIGHT MAY, the BASTER community observes the Battle and Vow at SAM-KHUBIS on the C-24 highway, 80 kilometres south-west of REHOBOTH City.

Many people arrive and camp for the night a day before the commemoration day at the battle site marked by a cemetery and a memorial stone bearing the vow made by the ancestors.

The main event to mark the start of the Battle of SAM KHUBIS takes place before sunrise, with speeches and a memorial service on EIGHT MAY; while activities end at midday.

NBC News says the 2018 Commemorations kicked off SIX days ago with a church service at FARM UITDRAAI, where the BASTER Vow was renewed.

It says participants proceeded to FARM GARIS, where the GERMANS wiped out the family of the then BASTER Kaptein, CORNELIUS VAN WYK.

SAM KHUBIS Festival Committee Chairperson ALBERT ALBERTS has told the media the GERMAN colonial army attacked the BASTERS on the EIGHTH of MAY 1915.

He says fear of total extinction created a strong sense of common destiny among the BASTER people, as they retreated to their last stronghold at SAM KHUBIS.

Mr ALBERTS says tensions started on 13 APRIL 1915, when the community defied GERMAN demands for it to send troops to OTJIWARONGO to guard prisoners of war.

NBC News also says a drama group is scheduled to perform a play tomorrow in the afternoon depicting the events of the Battle of SAM KHUBIS, ONE of the major fights against GERMAN colonial rule in NAMIBIA./Sabanews/cam



ANKARA – The ZAMBIA Ambassador Designate to TURKEY has assured journalists President EDGAR LUNGA attaches great importance to freedom of the press.

JOSEPH CHILENGI says the attitude of the Head of State towards the media shows in the efforts of his administration to create a conducive environment for media personnel to operate freely.

Ambassador CHILENGI has made the assurance when he addressed FIVE ZNBC staff members receiving training at the TURKISH Radio and Television Network.

ZNBC News says the journalists called on the Envoy at the ZAMBIAN Chancery in the TURKISH capital, ANKARA City in central ANATOLIA Region.

Ambassador CHILENGI has also commended ZNBC for streaming live the 19:00 hours’ news, which he says is an innovation that has helped ZAMBIANS in the diaspora to get accurate and reliable information about their country.

Meanwhile, he has encouraged ZNBC staffers to take interest in the social and economic aspects of TURKEY, so they can package informative and educative news to influence positive decision-making for national development back home.

Ambassador CHILENGI says the Embassy in TURKEY will continue to facilitate training programs for ZNBC in order to improve personnel capacity.

In another development, Information Minister DORA SILIYA says the media has the right to hold the State accountable, but they should avoid forcing people in authority to question their agenda.

The Chief Government Spokesperson has addressed a gathering in KITWE Town to mark the World Press Freedom Day, under the theme: KEEPING POWER IN CHECK, JUSTICE AND THE RULE OF LAW.

Minister SILIYA has defended the introduction of cyber laws, saying they do not mean to limit the media space but to protect members of the public against mistreatment.

She says journalists should implement the self-regulatory body to promote professionalism and responsibility, and she challenges public media managers to design lucrative business models.

Minister SILIYA also says the EDGAR LUNGU Administration will find an answer to the challenges facing the State-controlled ZAMBIA DAILY MAIL and TIMES OF ZAMBIA.

Different officials in the ZAMBIA media groups have attended World Press Freedom Day ceremonies this THURSDAY; calling for improved working conditions for journalists, as well as their protection against muzzling under cyber laws./Sabanews/cam



Neighbouring presidents Joao Lourenco of Angola (Left) and Edgar Lungu of Zambia (Right) (Pic. ZNBC)

LUSAKA – ANGOLA and ZAMBIA have renewed commitment to cooperate in a number of areas including development of the LOBITO Corridor, a transport infrastructure linking the TWO countries.

ZNBC News says the LOBITO Corridor aims at boosting intra-regional trade as well as improving access to markets outside AFRICA.

It says ANGOLA and ZAMBIA have also agreed to explore cooperation in the oil and gas sub sectors, including the construction of an oil pipeline between the TWO SADC nations.

Presidents EDGAR LUNGU of ZAMBIA and JOAO LOURENCO of ANGOLA have further agreed to exchange teachers and lecturers in ENGLISH and PORTUGUESE, which are used in different international forums.

They have also decided to further improve efforts to work closely together under the SADC Organ Troika on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation, to find sustainable and amicable solutions to conflicts in the region.

President LOURENCO has been visiting ZAMBIA and has jointly addressed the ZAMBIA-ANGOLA Business Forum with host President LUNGU.

Both leaders say there is need to increase the levels of bilateral trade, which should be much higher, given the close proximity of the TWO countries to each other and the existing potential.

ZNBC News says President LUNGU has invited traders from ANGOLA to exhibit at the 54TH ZAMBIA International Trade Fair from 27 JUNE to THREE JULY in the northern town of NDOLA.

He says business operators from the neighbouring country should also take part in the 18TH Annual World Export Development Forum that will take place from FIVE to SIX SEPTEMBER in his capital, LUSAKA.

The ZAMBIAN Information Ministry has released to the national broadcaster a joint communique on the TWO-day-long State Visit by the ANGOLAN Head of State.

ANGOLA and ZAMBIA are members of the SADC Region, which aims for economic, political, and social integration of the 15 member countries./Sabanews/cam



Afonso Dhlakama (Pic. AFP)


SABC News quotes media reports as saying Mr DHLAKAMA passed away after an unconfirmed heart attack at the age of 65.

He has died after his group and the government of MOZAMBIQUE agreed to share power in the country, which had known limited peace since independence in 1975.

Mr DLAKAMA led a terror group with an undisclosed number of bandits trained by the RHODESIAN Central Intelligence Organisation in 1975, to block the movement of ZANLA guerrilla forces of ZIMBABWE across the MOZAMBICAN Border.


The RHODESIANS and apartheid SOUTH AFRICA sponsored the group to punish the FRELIMO Government of the late SAMORA MACHEL for hosting the ZIMBABWEAN fighters.

Mr DLAKAMA took over after the death in 1979 of the FIRST RENAMO Leader, ANDRE MATSANGAISSA, a dissident killed in combat after raiding a FRELIMO position.

In OCTOBER 1992, way after the independence of ZIMBABWE in 1980, RENAMO signed a ceasefire accord after killing almost ONE-MILLION MOZAMBICANS and a number of ZIMBABWEANS.

Mr DLAKAMA transformed the rebel group into a political party, but still retained huge catches of weapons and military bases in the mountains of GORONGOSA and other areas.

He won 33-POINT-SEVEN percent of the presidential vote in 1994; but grabbed a decisive majority of parliamentary seats in FIVE of the country’s 11 provinces, with the UNITED NATIONS declaring the polls fair and free.

RENAMO contested the processes and results of the 1999 Elections, in which FRELIMO won a much narrower majority of votes, and RENAMO supporters staged widespread protests throughout 2000 in the cities of BEIRA and the capital, MAPUTO.

Repeated discord between the TWO sides led to the resumption of the RENAMO terror war that claimed yet more lives and displaced tens of thousands of others up to around mid-2016.

President NYUSI managed to silence the guns and brought the veteran rebel leader to the discussion table, in a process saw some stability since CHRISTMAS 2016.

He said they had agreed with Mr DLAKAMA to revise the national Constitution soon, in order to bring a fresh provision for the governance of regions of the country.

President NYUSI said the system would start to apply from 2019, when a political party or a coalition would propose to the Head of State a Governor for each province in which they win general elections.

The authorities in MOZAMBIQUE have not announced any arrangements for the burial of the former rebel leader./Sabanews/cam



TIMPHISINI – A FIVE-year-old boy is missing after a masked man allegedly kidnapped him while playing with other children in the MSAHWENI Area of SWAZILAND.

The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says the kids were playing near their home when the assailant pounced and grabbed NKHOSINAYE DLAMINI early this week.

It says the dreadlocked suspect, dressed in black, and covering his face, took the boy and ran away, leaving his friends terrified.

The children ran away and reported the matter to their elders before members of the community launched a search of the boy, but could not find him.

His mother, LUNGILE TSABEDZE, says she recently moved to the homestead with NKHOSINAYE after marrying another man.

She says the incident has shocked her, and she only hopes her son, who was a pupil at a local preschool, is still alive wherever he is.

The latest kidnapping comes amid reports of ritual killings being common in SWAZILAND and elsewhere in AFRICA, with practitioners of traditional medicine and witchcraft using body parts./Sabanews/cam


Minister Frederico Cardoso (Pic. ANGOP)

LUANDA – ANGOLA has joined the rest of the world to celebrate the World Press Freedom Day this THURSDAY.

The Minister of State and Chief of Staff of the President, FREDERICO CARDOSO, has commended media professionals for consolidating democracy over the years in the country.
He has addressed delegates to the Conference on the Challenges of Press Freedom in ANGOLA, held as part of the World Press Freedom Day.
Minister CARDOSO says journalists contribute with their knowledge, dedication, and selflessness in reporting about the country as well as in consolidating its young democracy.
He has also welcomed the creation of the Social Communication Regulatory Body for the delicate role of watching over the actions of the public and private media.
Minister CARDOSO also says freedom of the press exercised with responsibility allows the sharing of multiple views and exchange of ideas among the people.
The Conference on the Challenges of Press Freedom in ANGOLA has been held under the theme: Keeping Power in Check – Media, Justice, and the Rule of Law./Sabanews/cam



RUKWA – Armed criminals have brutally killed a government official in an incident that has left residents of RUKWA Region in Western TANZANIA in great fear and shock.

The DAILY NEWS says the unknown assailants attacked MWADUI Ward Executive Officer BENEDICTO CHAPEWA early this week as he was drinking with others at his own bar.

It says the armed gang gunned down the late Mr CHAPEWA before mutilating his body with machetes.

The paper quotes RUKWA Regional Police Commander GEORGE KYANDO as saying the horrific and tragic incident has brought fear to residents in the ward, located along Lake RUKWA in SUMBAWANGA District.

He says the RUKWA Regional Crime Officer, only named as Mr N KITINKWI, and his team are working round the clock to search for the killers.

Commander KYANDO says the suspects vanished into the darkness after the crime, but without harming or robbing other patrons nor stealing money from the bar.

He says they could not establish if the suspects were either gangsters or robbers, because they simply shot Mr CHAPEWA and sliced him into pieces before the horrified patrons.

The TANZANIAN Police official says the murder has left both the law-enforcement agents and residents confused./Sabanews/cam



VICTORIA – The FRENCH-based REPORTERS WITHOUT BORDERS organisation has placed SEYCHELLES on position 85 out of 180 countries in the 2018 World Press Freedom Day rankings.

The release of the rankings aims to mark the World Press Freedom Day on the THIRD of MAY, a date on which the global community celebrates the fundamental principles of press freedom.

The SEYCHELLES News Agency, SNA, says the latest ranking shows the INDIAN Ocean island country has moved TWO places up from last year.

It quotes an official of the ASSOCIATION OF MEDIA PRACTITIONERS SEYCHELLES as saying the ranking shows the country has made some remarkable improvement in terms of free press and dissemination of information.

BARBARA COOPOOSAMY says progress has come in different forms like changes in the TWO key media houses, the SEYCHELLES Broadcasting Corporation, SBC, and the SEYCHELLES NATION, NISA.

She says a board set up for both entities has led to transformation in the composition and the way information is presented to the public, while other independent news outlets have also played a good role in improving the ranking.

However, SEYCHELLES Media Commission Chief Executive Officer IBRAHIM AFIF also says the ranking is showing progress; but he is not happy about it.

The REPORTERS WITHOUT BORDERS study says the size and remoteness of the 115-island archipelago in the western INDIAN Ocean limit advertising revenue and job opportunities for journalists.

It says as a result, the general interest media practise a degree of self-censorship in order to avoid endangering their earnings from advertising.

Mr AFIF says SEYCHELLES has no laws prohibiting access to and distribution of information.

His Commission is lobbying the State to decriminalise defamation laws to attract a better ranking in the future.

The REPORTERS WITHOUT BORDERS report says although SEYCHELLES has strict defamation laws, they have not been used for years – and there are few reports of abuses against journalists.

THREE EUROPEAN countries, NORWAY, SWEDEN and NETHERLANDS, are at the top of the Press Freedom Index; while GHANA, the top-ranking AFRICAN country, is 23RD and NORTH KOREA is at the bottom globally.

The yearly international survey covers about 180 countries and classifies the degree of freedom that journalists, news groups and internet users have in each country, and the efforts by authorities to respect the freedom./Sabanews/cam