President Zuma calls it quits under heavy pressure
JOHANNESBURG – President JACOB ZUMA of SOUTH AFRICA is under pressure to leave office about ONE-AND-A-HALF years before the end of his SECOND term in 2019.
Media reports say the 75-year-old Head of State has avoided an obvious showdown with his ruling AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS Party, which this week had plans to unseat him.
The SOWETAN newspaper says the ANC has delayed its National Executive Committee meeting after President ZUMA met Deputy President CYRIL RAMAPHOSA, who replaced him as party leader in DECEMBER
It quotes Parliamentary Speaker BALEKA MBETE as saying Vice President RAMAPHOSA will outline the fate of his boss very soon.
The publication also says President ZUMA last night (TUESDAY) agreed to step down following a deal struck with Vice President RAMAPHOSA at their meeting in CAPE TOWN.
It says the mood in the ANC has been to take the fight to President ZUMA after his refusal on SUNDAY to step down, but Vice President RAMAPHOSA has always sought to ensure the Head of State steps down decently.
The powerful ANC Party finally pushes Zuma out of office
The SOWETAN says President ZUMA had refused to leave office and challenged his Deputy and other officials to bring the matter before a full National Executive Committee meeting.
Nevertheless, facing a possible recall by the ANC or a vote of no confidence sponsored by the opposition, as well as the move by the National Assembly to put off his State of the Nation Address, he has finally realised his time is up.
President ZUMA was to deliver the State of the Nation Address tomorrow (THURSDAY) evening, but National Assembly Speaker MBETE and other presiding officers cancelled the plans amid doubt over his future.
REUTERS news agency says his presidency has been marred by alleged corruption scandals and an economic decline, with his position weakened since Deputy President RAMAPHOSA replaced him as party leader last year.
President ZUMA, despite allegations of corruption against him, took over from former President THABO MBEKI who left office under pressure from ANC in SEPTEMBER 2008.
Former President MBEKI had reportedly hoped to make a dignified exit and retain some of his legacy as a peace broker on the continent, where he mediated conflicts in the IVORY COAST, the DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO, and ZIMBABWE.
The THIRD SOUTH AFRICAN Head of State after NELSON MANDELA came to power amid charges of an illegal arms deal, which are likely to resurface on top of fresh corruption charges./Sabanews/cam



Lecturers want her PhD degree canceled

The State-controlled HERALD newspaper says the 10 lecturers are challenging the decision to award a Doctorate Degree, but Professor NYAGURA has described the tutors as ignorant individuals with no academic capacity to supervise a PhD student.

He has dismissed their demand for the university to revoke Ms MUGABE’s PhD, saying PhD students are supervised by the Post-Graduate Centre and not a teaching department.

Professor NYAGURA also says it is not true Ms MUGABE’s thesis was not in the library until this year, because it was in fact deposited at the university library in 2014 and has always been there.

Professor NYAGURA says TWO professors who supervised former Vice President JOICE MUJURU also supervised the former FIRST Lady.

He has also defended the appointment of Professor CLAUDE MARARIKE, saying the position requires a candidate with traceable academic credentials – which the whole department lacked.

Professor NYAGURA says whoever is challenging the selection is ignorant of the University Ordinance Laws, which is why maybe they are not Professors, and the university is ready to defend its position legally.

The 10 lecturers from the Department of Sociology have challenged Professor NYAGURA to revoke and nullify Ms MUGABE’s Doctorate because it was allegedly awarded without following the right procedure.

They have hired Lawyer FIONA ILIFF from the ZIMBABWE Lawyers for Human Rights to represent them.

Their letter says they were shocked to hear Ms MUGABE had attained a Doctorate from their department, when they never saw her application, acceptance letter, supervision, and even the awarding of the degree.

It says the Sociology Department Board has never approved anything in respect of the candidate’s research or thesis, and Board members were shocked at the news of her being awarded the degree.


The ZIMBABWEAN university lecturers maintain the awarding of the PhD Degree to the former FIRST Lady constitutes academic corruption and criminal abuse of office on the part of anyone implicated./Sabanews/cam


National broadcaster under opposition fire
BLANTYRE – The opposition MALAWI CONGRESS PARTY, MCP, has complained to the Communications Regulatory Authority against the MALAWI Broadcasting Corporation.
The group says the publicly-funded national broadcaster is refusing to open up the airwaves for opposition parties, while its content is largely biased in favour of the ruling party.
The NYASA TIMES newspaper says the MCP also complains against what it calls a propaganda campaign against the opposition, in a new program called SAPITA KAWIRI.
It says MCP SECOND Deputy Secretary General EISENHOWER MKAKA has written a letter to Communications Regulatory Authority Director General GODFREY ITAYE.
The MCP official claims the national broadcaster is also airing some allegedly biased programs such as CHINDUJI, MANIFESTO YANU and NDIKATI CHETE.
Mr MKAKA says the use of broadcast media perpetuated the infamous RWANDAN Genocide that killed about ONE-MILLION people between APRIL and JULY 1994.
He says the national broadcaster should know the hate messages it is allegedly airing to promote the ruling DEMOCRATIC PROGRESSIVE PARTY can put the nation on fire.
However, the TIMES does not give comment from the MALAWI Broadcasting Corporation or the Communications Regulatory Authority on the serious allegations by the former ruling, but now opposition, party./Sabanews/cam



Dog ticks are some of the carriers of Congo Fever virus

WINDHOEK – The government of NAMIBIA has announced the detection of CONGO Fever in the eastern region of the country.

Health and Social Services Minister BERNARD HAUFIKU says the authorities have identified the deadly disease in ONE male patient at the WINDHOEK Central Hospital.

He has told the media in the capital the man is from GOBABIS City in the OMAHAKE Region and was admitted last week THURSDAY.

NBC News also quotes WINDHOEK Hospital Chief Medical Superintendent DAVID UIRAB as saying the victim initially tested negative of the disease.

However, he says this is the only confirmed case of CONGO Fever in the country so far; and the patient is getting the utmost attention from the medical team on the ground.

Meanwhile, TWO people died of CONGO Fever last year in GOBABIS City, the capital of OMAHEKE Region.

CONGO Fever, medical called Crimean–CONGO Haemorrhagic Fever, is a viral disease whose symptoms include fever, muscle pains, headache, vomiting, diarrhoea, and bleeding into the skin.

Medical experts say infection signs appear in less than TWO weeks after exposure to the virus, which is spread by tick bites, infected livestock, or between people via body fluids.

They say complications include liver failure; and patients who survive can recover in about TWO weeks after infection, while the risk of death is between 10 and 40 percent.

CONGO Fever occurs in AFRICA, the BALKANS, the MIDDLE EAST, and ASIA, and it often occurs in outbreaks./Sabanews/cam



Their situation was just hopeless at the time

HARARE – ZIMBABWE is heading to a big change in the farming sector after a government policy shift on allocation of land to displaced white farmers and those still on their properties.

The EMMERSON MNANGAGWA Administration has directed all regional and district offices to abandon the regulation that restricts white citizens to FIVE-year farm leases.

A statement from the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, and Rural Resettlement says the former and current white commercial farmers should now get 99-year leases just like anyone else.

THE HERALD says the development echoes the call by the new Head of State to restore confidence in agriculture, which had almost crumbled due to the violent farm invasions of 17 years ago.

It says the COMMERCIAL FARMERS’ UNION, which represents mostly the former white producers, has commended the announced policy shift.

However, Union Director BEN GIPLIN says his organisation has not received what he calls a formal communication – but they are very encouraged.

He says white farmers want more clarity on what will happen to their members who are still on their farms but do not hold offer letters introduced in the land regulations just reversed.

Black mobs descended on homesteads at any time

After the violent repossession of farms, the State had TWO conditions for allocation, with whites getting FIVE-year leases and offer letters, and blacks getting 99-year leases with offer letters.

Mr GIPLIN says only a small number of the 200 whites who managed to remain on their properties have the lease deals and the offer letters: while those without are exposed to eviction any time.

The invasions were often violent and bloody

Nevertheless, President MNANGAGWA has encouraged all displaced former commercial farmers to return and apply for land.

The ZIMBABWEAN Government has pledged to compensate white farmers for the losses suffered in the land invasions, and has banned new illegal farm occupations./Sabanews/cam


Children exposed to dirty water are easy cholera targets
WINDHOEK – The Ministry of Health and Social Services in NAMIBIA says there has been a cholera outbreak in the SADC country.
The disease is an acute illness caused by eating or drinking contaminated food or water, with symptoms of watery diarrhoea, and vomiting.
Health and Social Services Permanent Secretary PETRONELLA MASABANE has issued a statement saying even ONE cholera incident represents an outbreak.
NBC News says the only confirmed case of the disease is that of a 10-year-old boy admitted last THURSDAY at a private health care facility in the capital, WINDHOEK.
He was taken in with symptoms of infection – and test results have confirmed the boy had cholera, but has since been discharged and is said to be doing well.
The national broadcaster says he had shared a sausage at school with TWO other boys, who also had vomiting and diarrhea but have since recovered and are back at school
It quotes Health Permanent Secretary MASABANE as saying they are investigating the cholera outbreak, and a rapid response team of experts has visited the affected community.
She says the authorities are urging people to be alert to any new infections to ensure proper case management.
The cholera occasion in the KATUTURA Township comes when the country is battling against an outbreak of Hepatitis E in TWO areas.
Hepatitis E killed TWO people in HAVANA informal settlements and GOREANGAB DAM suburbs of WINDHOEK, with more than 40 out of 500 suspected cases confirmed positive.
NAMIBIA has announced the cholera outbreak after infections in neighbouring ZAMBIA since late last year, while ZIMBABWE has ordered that health workers should supervise funerals after FOUR people died of the disease in ONE town./Sabanews/cam



Justice Priscilla Chigumba
Justice Rita Makarau

HARARE – The ZIMBABWE Electoral Commission has a new Chairperson ahead of General Elections scheduled to take place before the end of JULY this year.

High Court Judge Justice PRISCILLA CHIGUMBA is taking over from Justice RITA MAKARAU who resigned late last year, without giving reasons for her decision.

The Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet has written a letter to Justice CHIGUMBA to announce her new appointment by President EMMERSON MNANGAGWA.

MISHECK SIBANDA says the Head of State has acted after consulting the Judicial Service Commission as well as the Committee on Standing Orders and Rules.

The swearing-in of the new Chairperson of the ZIMBABWE Electoral Commission is due to take place this THURSDAY morning in the capital, HARARE./Sabanews/cam



Resettlement remains a dream for her

WINDHOEK – NAMIBIA is finally in the middle of a dilemma it could have avoided if it had respected its liberation war objectives, and taken a different path from the one it took after decolonisation.

Like its TWO neighbours, SOUTH AFRICA in the south and ZIMBABWE in the north east, it has nursed the hot issue of land reallocation; the major cause for the armed struggle.

NBC News says incidents of land grabbing increased significantly last year, rising by as much as 75 percent countrywide.

It quotes WINDHOEK City Chief Executive Officer ROBERT KAHIMISE as saying the problem has surpassed crime rates and frequencies of most offences.

He says felonies such as murder, gender-based violence, housebreaking, armed robbery, theft, and rape have all gone down since 2016 through last year.

Urban residents want accommodation space

However, Mr KAHIMISE says illegal trading almost tripled from 32 incidents in 2016 to 93 cases last year in the capital, where poor communities are also calling for accommodation space.

In a separate development, a group of community members of the OMITARA Settlement in the OKORUKAMBE Constituency of the eastern OMAHEKE Region are pleading for land.

The national broadcaster says they include 56-year-old MONICA EISES, who has been homeless since the death of her husband a short time ago.

Ms EISES says she and her late husband had settled at BOOMLAGER Farm, on a piece of resettlement land allocated to his brother some 35 kilometres outside OMITARA.

She says her brother-in-law gave her THREE months to vacate after the death of her spouse, and she moved last MONDAY.

The middle-aged woman drove her 18 cattle, SEVEN horses, EIGHT goats, EIGHT sheep and THREE donkeys to OMITARA; but there is no place to graze them here.

Ms EISES says she is appealing to the government to find her a resettlement farm on which she can raise her TWO school-going children.

NBC News says she and other OMITARA residents evicted from farms called an urgent media conference this TUESDAY, pleading with the State for land on which they can resettle as a group.

Undoubtedly the originals of Southern Africa, the Bushmen continue roaming the plains

Land redistribution has remained a thorny issue in NAMIBIA because of a willing-seller-willing-buyer policy the authorities have continued to honour since independence, but some citizens are becoming impatient./Sabanews/cam



How long will albinism remain a death sentence in Africa?

KALABO – Police in the WESTERN Province of ZAMBIA have arrested ONE suspect in connection with the theft of the remains of an albino buried in 2016 in the KALABO District.

The authorities say they are hunting for TWO other suspected ritual killers who escaped when the law-enforcement agents picked up the FIRST accused.

Relatives of the deceased woke up on SUNDAY to find the grave tampered with, and they reported the matter to the police; who discovered the coffin and the body were missing.

WESTERN Province Police Commissioner CHARLES LUNGU says the deceased was buried on the FOURTH of AUGUST TWO years ago.

He says in an interesting turn of events, they arrested a man after he and TWO others abducted a 13-year-old and his 15-year-old friend for suspected ritual purposes.

Commissioner LUNGU says the police impounded a TOYOTA SPACIO, Registration Number ALX 6413, which the THREE men used to abduct the boys and held them hostage for TWO days at a lodge.

He says following the abduction, the suspects bundled the TWO boys into the boot of the vehicle in order to take them to an unknown destination where they intended to kill them.

However, Commissioner LUNGU says after driving for some time, the THREE men parked the vehicle and the boys managed to open the boot and ran for their lives.

He says the police launched investigations and managed to apprehend the ONE suspect but failed to catch the main suspect believed to be the mastermind, KASWEKA KABINDA, who is still on the run.

The ZAMBIAN Police official says investigations have so far tied the event of the stolen albino remains to the failed murder of the abducted TWO boys.

Media reports say late last year people born with albinism staged a demonstration calling for an end to the madness of killing albinos for their body parts on the belief that they bring wealth or luck.

Albino killings are rarer in ZAMBIA, which has more than 25-THOUSAND such people, compared with other countries like neighbouring TANZANIA: where witch doctors pay up to 75-THOUSAND US dollars for a complete set of albino body parts./Sabanews/cam



Kombi driver abandoned vehicle as it rammed into classroom

NGWANE PARK – More than 10 pupils narrowly escaped death after a kombi crashed into their classroom this week at NGWANE Park High School in the Central SWAZILAND City of MANZINI.

The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says the driver of the vehicle was ferrying other schoolchildren when rammed into the classrooms, allegedly while racing other kombis.

It says the incident, which left members of the public, parents and teachers at the school shaken, took place at about SEVEN in the morning.

The driver was carrying kids from LOGOBA-NEW Village to NGWANE Park when he lost control of the vehicle and jumped off while it was in motion, leaving the pupils screaming hysterically.

He suffered no injuries after jumping, and he has told the police he also watched in disbelief as the vehicle knocked a group of pupils standing nearby before ramming into the wall of a Form FOUR classroom.

The TIMES says most of the pupils who were aboard the vehicle suffered injuries and had to be rushed to the RALEIGH FITKIN Memorial Hospital.

Authorities say TWO of the pupils who were knocked by the kombi before it rammed into the classroom are in critical conditions and are admitted to the same medical centre; and ONE of them has a fractured arm.

Teachers and parents present at the SWAZI school say the kombi driver, instead of jumping for his own life, should have tried to control and directed the vehicle onto a nearby heap of sand being used for construction./Sabanews/cam