WINDHOEK – Finance Minister CALLE SCHLETTWEIN of NAMIBIA has been due to table the National Budget for the 2017 to 2018 fiscal year this afternoon.

State radio, NBC News says the development comes FIVE months after he revised his previous financial plan from 61-BILLION to 57-BILLION NAMIBIA dollars to reduce accumulated debt.

It says Minister SCHLETTWEIN has remained unwavering since last year, saying NAMIBIA is not broke and the government has not lost its ability to honour financial obligations.

NBC News says NAMIBIA has been facing harsh economic difficulties for some time now, and measures by Minister SCHLETTWEIN aim to strengthen growth and cut wastages.

It says as a result, he has frozen certain tenders and vacancies, while he also proposes to introduce some taxes.

The national broadcaster quotes Accountant CHANTELL HUSSELMANN as saying this year’s budget is likely to come up with measures like environmental levies and a revised Solidarity Tax.

She says the announcement of Tax Amnesty this year also has the potential to help the Government broaden its revenue collection base.

Ms HUSSELMANN says the State can broaden the tax further in the next financial year, with the removal of exemptions from a variety of categories of taxation.

The NAMIBIAN Finance Minister says his Government wants to re-design proposals for tax on wealth, to target people and organisations with high income.



WINDHOEK – The government of NAMIBIA says it is still working around the clock to contain the outbreak of lumpy skin disease in cattle.

The disease broke out early last month in OTJITUUO communal area of the OKAKARARA Constituency in the OTJOZONDJUPA Region, and has spread to the neighbouring OKONDJATU communal area.

The State says it has so far secured lumpy skin disease vaccines worth 400-THOUSAND NAMIBIA dollars to help fight the outbreak.

Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer JOHN SHOPALA says a team of veterinary officials are vaccinating cattle free.

He says they will vaccinate about 14-THOUSAND cattle in OTJITUUO and OKONDJATU communal areas, to prevent the lumpy skin disease from becoming endemic.

Mr SHOPALA says the prevention of the disease will ensure the national meat industry is protected and export demand maintained.

He therefore, appeals to full and part-time farmers to liaise with the veterinary office at OKAKARARA to help fight the outbreak.

The Directorate of Veterinary Services has imposed a number of restrictions, mainly cattle sales, movement and gathering, in an effort to control and contain the lumpy skin disease.

The authorities in NAMIBIA say they will only lift the measures once they have defeated the outbreak of the lumpy skin disease, which is transmitted from one animal to another through mosquito bites.



WINDHOEK – Police in NAMIBIA and the Road Fund Administration are urging motorists to adhere to speed limits, saying accidents cause too much death and injury.

State radio, NBC News says the call comes after a TOYOTA pick-up collided with a truck in the northern town of RUNDU.

It says the collision caused the truck to veer off and slam into a NAMIBIA Defence Force Canteen next to the Trans-CAPRIVI Highway at the SUN CITY settlement.

The broadcaster quotes Chief Inspector JOHN NDUMBA as saying drivers should obey speed limits to avoid such accidents.

Meanwhile, the Police and the Road Fund Administration have begun held a THREE-day-long Refresher Course for traffic law enforcers in the capital, WINDHOEK.

Traffic Law Enforcement Division Head LUDWIG RALPH says the vision is to secure the safety of all road users, which depends on raising awareness related to vehicle and traffic problems.

He says other approaches discussed involve problems experienced on the roads, controlling road-user behaviour and training enforcers as well as road users about measures towards common road safety problems.

The workshop aims to reduce road traffic accidents by 10 percent every FOUR months and recruit 100 more traffic officials each year.

A similar gathering held in RUNDU Town in KAVANGO EAST Region appears to have successfully strengthened relations between the Police and the Road Fund Administration in NAMIBIA.